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Why No New Article Yet (to Replace the One on Our Online Store's Grand Opening)

Why No New Article Yet (to Replace the One on Our Online Store's Grand Opening)

My apologies to all readers of my website. I have had many unforeseen setbacks and attacks on me yesterday and today that have prevented me from getting my new weekly essay posted today (Monday, January 26). It is now 2 am and I have an extremely painfully inflamed and incapacitated right wrist and arm (a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome, I surmise -- for the first time in my entire life, after decades of computer work).

I hope to post something on the website Tuesday or Wednesday, God willing, but it will not be on Obama's presidency but on something I fear is far more dire (as the spiritual always outweighs the physical, for good or ill), and that is last week's much-trumpeted non-event, the non-lifting from the non-legal SSPX by the non-pope Benedict XVI of the non-excommunications of the non-pope John Paul II.

As a result, my originally intended article on Obama, on the March for Life, on the much-suppressed but much-needed doctrine of the social Kingship of Christ, and on what the future holds will be posted next week instead.
 Meanwhile my present article remains:

Though long overdue, I am proud to announce that Biblical Foundations International’s online store and catalog are finally open for business. (Thanks be to God!) Even before I posted this announcement, some eagle-eyed frequent visitors to our site noticed the store’s quiet debut yesterday, and their orders have already been placed, processed, and shipped!

To visit our state-of-the-art store, featuring not only all the audio CDs we sell but also a selection of trustworthy (pre-Vatican II) essential Catholic reference books, just click on the link in the upper righthand area of our home page that says (in blue letters) “Online Store & Catalog – NOW OPEN,” or click this link here:

To celebrate our grand opening, from now until the end of the month I will include with every order, large or small, a FREE book on one of the most important topics of the Catholic Faith, until my supply runs out. To get this FREE book, place your order between now and January 31 — the sooner the better. And we’ll be adding new products to our store every month, so keep checking back. 

As exciting as this development is, it constitutes only Phase I of a dramatic and massive overhaul of our entire website, and indeed of Biblical Foundations International’s entire apostolate, to more effectively address the dire needs of the dark days in which Divine Providence has decreed that we live.

Phase II begins this coming Monday, January 26, with an incremental infusion of new and vital content to our website. Check back on Monday for a hard-hitting article on the presidential inauguration, the March for Life, Mr. Obama’s agenda, what the rest of 2009 holds, and why not only nearly all Americans, but – sadly – nearly all professing Catholics don’t realize that the real contest is not between what an Obama presidency will do versus what a McCain presidency would have done, or between the Democratic versus the Republican Party, or between liberals versus conservatives, or even between pro-choice versus pro-life people.

I suspect that many readers — even many who consider themselves “traditional Catholics” — will be startled, perhaps even shocked, by some of the facts in the article, which is entitled “What, No Sackcloth and Ashes at the Inaugural Ball?, or, The Regime Change We Really Need.”

And Phase II means that from now on you can visit our website each Monday for an all-new essay, each one addressing an urgent topic of our times — theological, spiritual, political, economic, cultural.

Phase II will also feature the addition to our website of a database of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about controversial topics, all answered from authoritative sources; key documents from the Church’s patrimony; and several other significant additions to our website’s content, every single week from here on in.

Phase III, to follow in February, will involve a massive visual design makeover for our website, with several new “departments” added, such as:

1) Truth TV, a YouTube-type video corner where you can view talks on key topics

2) Gerry’s JukeBox, an audio player where you can play excerpts from our best-selling recordings (and some entire talks for free)

3) Gerry’s Library, where you’ll be able to read scanned copies of some of the most important books in my 20,000-volume theological library

4) News and Analysis, a section covering current events with serious ramifications for faithful Catholics

5) Four separate blog sections:

a)  bibleblog, comprising an ongoing daily, chapter-by-chapter study of the entire Sacred Scriptures, with helpful tips for memorizing key Bible verses

b)  aquinasblog, which will similarly take you straight through St. Thomas’s Summa Theologiae, article by article

c)   canonlawblog, informing you of the Church's laws that are relevant to the current crisis

d)  popes&antipopesblog, which covers in chronological order all the popes and antipopes who have occupied the see of Peter down through the Church’s 2000 year history, and the key this provides for unlocking the mystery of the past fifty years.

Additional blogs, similarly surveying the writings of the Church Fathers, the events of Church history, apologetics and philosophy, and related fields of study, may be added as time permits.

Phase III will also witness the addition of downloadable mp3 versions of all our recordings to our online store, and the online publication of several books I have written as downloadable PDF files.

Thank you for the incredible patience you've shown in awaiting all these additions and improvements to our website. I have wanted to implement these changes for quite a long time now, but my severely overpacked speaking schedule has thus far prevented me from finding the time to do so.

I have come to realize, however, that my website, which has until now always been intended as a merely secondary aspect of my lay apostolate of lecture tours and the resultant recordings, must now receive my primary focus in disseminating the authentic Catholic Faith in our age of apostasy.

This is not to say that my current megatour will not continue; it will, for I have so far returned to only 150 of the 300 cities I feel obliged to re-visit to deliver one last talk. It only means that my megatour may have to be stretched out over many more months, as my coast-to-coast road trips now take a backseat to my online apostolate.

Inaugurating our online store has already cost me several hundred dollars, and implementing all the additional changes that constitute Phase II and Phase III of our total website makeover will cost several hundred more. If you would be so kind as to visit our store today or tomorrow, your generous purchase will help us to recoup our investment and fund our future changes. Thank you, and may God bless you with the true Faith in this age of widespread counterfeit Catholicism.

Updated On: January 27th, 2009

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