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A Unique and Urgent Christmas Gift

A Unique and Urgent Christmas Gift

I just returned a few days ago from yet another whirlwind speaking tour (November 5-16), this time throughout central and southern Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and portions of northern Alabama and southern Virginia.

On this huge, hectic, high-speed trip I put over 3,300 miles on my car - which (thanks be to God) was fortunately (and amazingly) still drivable throughout the entire trip after hitting a large deer at 55 mph only three hours into my trip at 2:30 am in western PA. The impact not only caused everything in my car to come flying forward and completely cover myself and my 16-year-old son Peter, it crumpled and jammed shut the hood, smashed the front grill and both front fenders, but mercifully didn't disable the headlights.

Undaunted - and with no time to spare to get the car fixed anyway: I had left home in just enough time to drive the 14 hours straight to get to St. Louis, Missouri in time to give my first talk - I continued on the trip, speaking in St. Louis (Nov 6) and Springfield (Nov 7), Missouri; Springdale (Nov 8), Mountain Home (Nov 9), and Little Rock (Nov 10), Arkansas; Memphis (evening of Nov 10), Nashville (Nov 11), Chattanooga (Nov 12), and Knoxville (Nov 13), Tennessee; Cullman, Alabama (evening of Nov 11); and Norfolk (Nov 14) and Virginia Beach (Nov 15), Virginia.

On all but the last two above-mentioned dates I gave the "Consistent vs. Counterfeit Catholicism" talk I'm giving at every stop on my seven-year-long (2006-2012), 300-plus-city Mega Tour, which has already hit 86 cities since it started last year -- including 35 cities in just the past three months! (For the complete list so far,
click here.)

On November 14, however, I attended a lecture at Ohef Sholom Temple, a Jewish synagogue in Norfolk, Virginia, by Dr. Heidi Beirich, Deputy Director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, in which she vigorously denounced "radical traditional Catholics" as hate-mongering anti-Semites that must be opposed and bankrupted. My talk the following evening in Virginia Beach (less than ten minutes from the synagogue) - to which I invited Dr. Beirich and members of the synagogue - was a refutation of the SPLC's allegations and a defense of the classical Catholic position on post-70 AD Judaism. My Virginia Beach talk was videotaped, and both audio CDs and DVDs of it will be available soon; check back here in December for details.

Right now, however, I want to talk about another recording, which I would like to encourage you to both obtain for yourself and give to your loved ones for Christmas. I truly believe that this the most important set of recordings I have ever produced, because it is the full six-hour version of the most important presentation I have ever given, the above-mentioned "Consistent vs. Counterfeit Catholicism" talk.

When I give this talk on weeknights I can only give a one-to-two-hour abridgement of my full seminar, followed by Q & A. But Saturdays afford me the opportunity to give a much more detailed presentation, spanning 4 or 5 hour-long talks plus Q & A.

That is what happened in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Saturday, September 15, where a six-hour-long version of my mega tour message, including a spirited Q & A session, was audiotaped. You can now order this set of recordings in a handsome vinyl album containing either 5 audiotapes or 5 CDs, for only $35 plus $5 shipping and handling (Priority Mail).

This is already one of our fastest-selling items ever, and would make a great Christmas gift for any family or friends who've been bamboozled by Vatican II or Benedict XVI.

In it I make the Biblical, theological, and canonical case for the consistent Catholicism which has been unfortunately (and inaccurately) nicknamed "sedevacantism," but which is simply the Catholic Faith - period - without concession to, or compromise with, the liberalism and modernism that has swept over the Catholic world in the last 50 years.

So-called "moderate" or "mainstream traditionalists," such as the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, publications like Latin Mass magazine, The Remnant, Catholic Family News, The Fatima Crusader, and even the Society of St. Pius X (unapproved by, but ever hopeful for a rapprochement with, Rome), have all fatally compromised with this modernism, as I demonstrate in these talks.

These talks energetically make the case that, according to Catholic theology and canon law, John XXIII through Benedict XVI could not have been validly elected to the papacy, due to their disqualifying character as manifest heretics before their election. (In addition, all these men can be shown to be promoters of one or more of the following: Talmudic Judaism, Communism, and Freemasonry - which further disqualifies them from both membership and office in the Catholic Church.)

This being so, John XXIII could not have validly called, and Paul VI could not have validly concluded, a true council of the Church, which explains why Vatican II teaches doctrines (such as a novel ecclesiology, religious liberty, ecumenism, the salvific efficacy of false religions, etc.) previously condemned by the Church's Magisterium.

Vatican II was convened to "baptize" these heresies, to call the Catholic bishops of the world to Rome to put their signatures to these heresies, and to send these men back home to their various dioceses, no longer as bishops of Christ's one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, but as bishops of a new church which had thus taken over the infrastructure "formerly owned and operated" by the Catholic Church.

Following a remarkably similar script, virtually the same thing occurred during the so-called English "reformation" of the 16th century. When it was all over, all the dioceses and all the parishes of the Catholic Church in England had been hijacked by a new church (the Church of England) which claimed to be the Catholic Church, "reformed" yet in authentic continuity with the Catholic Church of the preceding thousand years, when it fact it was not.

My 5-tape or 5-CD set shows that the Vatican II revolution of the 1960's was simply the English Reformation re-mixed and now exported globally to the entire Catholic world.

As a result, the new, Vatican II church teaches new doctrines (e.g., in its new Catechism), offers a New Mass and sacraments, and enshrines a new morality in its New Code of Canon Law, all of which clearly demonstrate it to be another church than the Catholic Church, which is always (as Pius XII reminds us in paragraph 66 of his 1943 encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi) "spotless" in the doctrines it perennially and immutably teaches, in the worship it offers God and the sacraments it dispenses among men, and in its universal legislation.

Anyone who is fearful of coming to my conclusions, but who admits that the Rome-approved abominations of the past fifty years -- "papal" Masses incorporating diabolical pagan rites, inter-faith worship, altar girls, modern communion in the hand, the dispensing of sacraments to non-Catholics, Masses which fatally misrepresent Our Lord as saying "for you and for ALL" in consecrating the chalice, modernist Biblical scholarship which indicts the Sacred Scriptures with error and myth, heresies regarding the fate of Jews, Muslims, pagans, and unbaptized infants, etc., etc. -- are all less than "spotless," has already lost the argument: such a "church" CANNOT be the Catholic Church!

And I show that the "pontificate" and recent motu proprio of Benedict XVI, far from betokening that long-promised "new springtime of the Church," actually are frauds that exacerbate the current crisis and deepensthe diabolical disorientation and deception pervasive among contemporary "Catholics," even as they seduce traditionalists to return to the leprous embrace of the whorish (Apocalypse 17) Vatican II church in the mistaken belief that she is really Holy Mother Church.

This recorded seminar shows that the principled and utter rejection of Vatican II and its counterfeit doctrines, counterfeit Mass and sacraments, counterfeit canon law, and counterfeit popes, is not only compatible with Catholic teaching - it is the ONLY position that is compatible with Catholic teaching. To embrace any other explanation of the current crisis, as I show by example after example, is to REJECT Catholic teaching, and thus to endanger your immortal soul.

In these talks I show how Sacred Scripture (in both type and prophecy), extra-Biblical prophecy, and previous crises of Church history all clearly foretell the very thing that has come to pass in our day. I show that the teaching of popes, Fathers and Doctors of the Church, saints, and canon law all agree that it can happen and will happen before the Second Coming of Christ. That it now, in our lifetime, has happened is undeniable.

To order this 5-tape or 5-CD set TODAY, please send a check or money order for $40, or your credit card number and expiration date, to: Biblical Foundations International, PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512 USA. For faster service, either e-mail (, fax (570-969-1725), or phone in (570-969-1724) your credit card number and expiration date, and we'll put a set in the mail to you the next business day.

In addition, if you order this tape set NOW, for a limited time I'll include a FREE copy of any one of my following tapes or CDs:

1. No Salvation Outside the Church: The Most Hated (and Misunderstood) Dogma of the Catholic Faith
2. Clarity Begins At Home: The Biblical Foundations of Homeschooling
3. Every King Has a Queen Mother: The Biblical Foundations of Marian Doctrines
4. The Fate of the Family: Satan's Seven-Step Strategy for Destroying Civilization's Basic Building Block
5. Friends in High Places: Biblical Teaching on the Intercession of the Saints
6. God's Summer School of Sanctification: The Biblical Foundations of Purgatory and Praying for the Dead
7. How the Bible Converted Me to Catholicism: One Protestant Minister's Amazing Odyssey of Faith
How to Keep Your Kids Catholic
The Myth of Evolution vs. the Truth of Sacred Scripture
10. Peter, Prime Minister of Christ's Kingdom: The Biblical Foundations of the Papacy
11. "Sola Scriptura" Is Unscriptural: The Biblical Foundations of Sacred Tradition
12. The Strange Case of the Headless Homeschool: The Father's Role in the Training of Children
13. "Unless You Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood": The Biblical Foundations of the Eucharist
14. What Christ Wants for Christmas - And All Year Long

For every "Consistent vs. Counterfeit Catholicism" tape or CD set you order, you can select a free tape or CD from the list above. If you order 1-4 sets, you get that many free tapes or CDs. If you order 5 sets, however, you can pick 6 free tapes or CDs, rather than 5. (When you place your order, be sure to indicate which FREE tape(s) or CD(s) you would like included.) And if you order 10 sets (I'm sure you can think of that many children, grandchildren, godchildren, other relatives, and friends you want to rescue from the counterfeit Catholicism of the Novus Ordo), you can receive all 14 tapes or CDs for free! And whether you order only one set or 10, the cost for Priority Mail postage and handling remains only $5 for the entire order!

I look forward to hearing from you IMMEDIATELY so we can get into your hands -- and into the hands of your loved ones -- as quickly as possible these eye-opening, soul-saving tapes exposing the "Counterfeit Catholicism" of our perilous times! May God guide and enlighten you, and as the crisis worsens may He keep you and your loved ones firm in the Faith and in the Church outside of which there is no salvation.

Yours in Christ our King and Mary Our Queen Mother,
Gerry Matatics
Updated On: November 21st, 2007

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