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Upcoming Broadcast Reschedulings

Upcoming Broadcast Reschedulings

1. Due to many urgent tasks that must be completed today and this evening, I regretfully will NOT be able to broadcast on Facebook Live this evening (Tues, Dec 20) Part 2 of my presentation on "Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Fate of America." Instead, I am pushing that ahead one week to the following Tuesday, Dec 27, at 8:30 pm Eastern.

2. As for my ongoing series Wednesday and Saturday nights on "Christian Social Principles," I will be broadcasting, at its regularly scheduled date & time of tomorrow evening (Wed, Dec 21) at 8:30 pm Eastern, the next session (lecture 7). However, I will NOT broadcast the following session (lecture 8) on what would normally be its regularly scheduled date of Saturday, since this Saturday (Dec 24) is Christmas Eve. I therefore won't be broadcasting lecture 8 until the following Wednesday, Dec 28, 8:30 pm.

3. What about my weekly Sunday evening broadcasts on Dom Guéranger's Liturgical Year? Our next two broadcasts, which would normally occur on the next two Sundays, will each be shifted forward exactly one day to MONDAY, since these next two Sundays are Christmas Day and New Year's Day (Feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord), both holy days of obligation. Those two broadcasts will therefore take place on Monday, Dec 26, 8:30 pm, and the following Monday, Jan 2, 8:30 pm.

Those are the schedule adjustments (due to the holidays) to my free public Facebook Live broadcasts on Christian Social Principles (twice weekly on Wed and Sat nights), on Guéranger's Liturgical Year (weekly, up until now on Sunday nights, but since we're already having to shift from Sundays to Mondays due to Christmas and New Year's, we may keep on Monday nights going forward from this point throughout 2017), and on other special days as the occasion arises (e.g., the feasts of the Immaculate Conception on Dec 8 and of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec 12).

Please keep in mind that in addition to these many public broadcasts, I also have (on other days of the week) many private weekly Skype classes I teach to various individuals and families around the country on Sacred Scripture, Church history, apologetics, moral theology, etc. Please contact me if you're interested in setting up such a course for yourself.

My family joins me in wishing you all a most glorious Christmastide and a grace-filled New Year.

Yours in Christ our King and Mary our glorious Queen Mother,

Gerry Matatics

Updated On: December 20th, 2016

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