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Gerry speaks on "The End of America"

Gerry speaks on "The End of America"


Dear Friends:

The last twelve months have truly been one of the most excruciatingly difficult periods of my life, for reasons I will more fully explain in subsequent posts. (I had originally intended to elaborate on them in this post, and entitle it "You Tell the Truth, You Pay the Price," but this post is already too lengthy as it is.)
For now, those reasons for my twelve-month tribulation can be briefly summarized as a record-breaking and relentless campaign of intense and malicious opposition to my commitment to continue to speak the whole truth concerning the unprecedented spiritual crisis of our times — a spiritual crisis which of course has a direct and dramatic impact upon our political and economic crises as well, as my new talk (see below) makes clear.

Yet despite this opposition I have, by God’s grace, succeeded in keeping the promise I made in my previous post (June 16) and have spent the past three weeks putting together and advertising a second lecture tour throughout New England this summer.

You may recall that my previous mailing advertising my June 30 - July 6 trip was sent to all the people (well over 600) on my mailing list in the following areas: the entire state of Rhode Island, the entire eastern half of Massachusetts (minus Cape Cod), the seacoast region of New Hampshire (the southeastern corner of the state bordering the Atlantic, and up to an hour inland from the coast), and southern Maine. 

This time around (God willing) I am planning to speak in, and have therefore mailed to, all the remaining portions of New England: the entire state of Connecticut, the entire western half of Massachusetts, the entire Cape Cod region, the entire state of Vermont, the bulk of New Hampshire (all but the aforementioned seacoast region), and all but the bottom quarter of Maine (which was previously mailed to).

Totalling both these mailings, therefore, I have mailed — at great personal cost (nearly $2000) — a flier, a current catalog of all my CDs, and a discount coupon to literally every single person on my mailing list residing in any of the six states making up New England.

On this August lecture tour I am NOT giving the talk advertised for my June 30 - July 6 trip, “What Scripture Says About the End-Times Infiltration of the Church: An In-depth Look at the Letter of Jude.” Sadly, few people in our age of self-inflicted spiritual blindness see the importance, or even believe in the possibility, of such infiltration — despite what Sacred Scripture explicitly teaches on this subject. 

Instead I am giving a new talk that hopefully will project a greater relevance to my potential audiences, especially in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s recent ruling mandating the legalization of same-sex marriage across our land. My topic is “The End of America: Biblical Indicators That a Nation’s Days Are Numbered (and what you can DO about it, before it’s too late)." 

I have entrusted this entire trip into the hands of Our Lady, with the lecture tour beginning on the Feast of her Assumption (August 15) and concluding with my return home a week later on the Feast of her Immaculate Heart (August 22). Here are the dates, times, and locations of my itinerary:
1. Saturday, August 15 • 1 pm • Norwalk CT

DoubleTree by Hilton Norwalk
789 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk CT 06854 • (203) 853-3477
Take exit 13 off I-95 (north or southbound), turn right onto Rt 1, hotel is on the right.

2. Saturday, August 15 • 7 pm • Hartford CT area

Hilton Garden Inn Hartford North / Bradley Int’l Airport
555 Corporate Dr, Windsor CT 06095 • (860) 688-6400
Northbound on I-91: exit 38, right on Poquonock Ave, left on Day Hill Rd, left on Corporate Dr, hotel is on left.
Southbound on I-91: exit 38B, proceed straight onto Day Hill Rd, left on Corporate Dr, hotel is on left. 

3. Sunday, August 16 • 1:30 pm • Brattleboro VT 

Hampton Inn Brattleboro
1378 Putney Rd, Brattleboro VT 05301 • (802) 254-5700
Exit 3 off I-91 (north or southbound), take Rt 9 E briefly to rotary, take 3rd exit off rotary onto Rt 5 north (Putney Rd), hotel is 1/2 mi on left. 

4. Sunday, August 16 • 7 pm • Burlington VT area  

Hampton Inn Burlington
42 Lower Mountain View Dr, Colchester VT 05446 • (802) 655-6177
Exit 16 off I-89. If northbound turn right, if southbound turn left onto US 2 W/US 7 N (Ethan Allen Hwy), turn right at next intersection onto Lower Mountain View Dr, hotel is on right.

5. Monday, August 17 • 7 pm • central NH

Hampton Inn & Suites Tilton
195 Laconia Rd, Tilton NH 03276 • (603) 286-3400
Exit 20 off I-93 (north or southbound), turn left & go 1 mile on US 3/NH 11 toward Laconia, hotel is on right.  

6. Wednesday, August 19 • 7 pm • central ME  

Hampton Inn & Suites Waterville
425 Kennedy Memorial Dr, Waterville ME 04901 • (207) 873-0400
Exit 127 off I-95. If northbound turn right, if southbound turn left onto Kennedy Memorial Dr (Rt 11/Rt 137), hotel is 0.2 mi on left. 

7. Thursday, August 20
Breakfast w/ supporters in Sanford ME

8. Thursday, August 20
Lunch w/ supporters in Braintree MA 

9. Thursday, August 20 • 7 pm • Cape Cod MA

DoubleTree by Hilton Cape Cod - Hyannis
287 Iyannough Rd, Hyannis MA 02601 • (508) 771-1700
Exit 7 off US 6, south on Willow St, left at 3rd light onto Rt 28, hotel is on left. 

10. Friday, August 21
Dinner with supporters in Providence RI

You will note (see items 7, 8, and 10) that, in addition to my seven public talks, I have three private meetings over meals with supporters in three separate cities where I am NOT publicly speaking on this trip — each in a different state (Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island).

As I said above, it has taken me three full weeks of grueling ten-hour work days to put this together. It took an entire week to look at the over 1,000 people on my mail list I needed to contact this time around, locate on various maps where they live, and then select the most strategic cities to speak in so that no one in the regions I’m reaching this time would have to drive more than an hour to get to a talk; this has been my standard policy with all my lecture tours for a quarter of a century now.

I then had to call — often several times before getting a call back — over a hundred hotels (over a dozen in each city or area) to find which ones had, not only meeting rooms available on the dates selected, but also rental costs which were reasonable for those meeting rooms, so as to secure a speaking venue in each of those particular cities. Sometimes dates and the direction of my route had to be shifted to make talks in certain cities possible, and sometimes nothing suitable could be found in a particular city (e.g., Keene NH), so that an alternate city in the area had to be selected instead (e.g., in Keene’s case, Brattleboro VT, just across the NH-VT border, 30 minutes from Keene).

Next, after finalizing the dates and locations and designing the flier listing them all, it then took an entire two weeks of 8-to-10 hour days to fold fliers, catalogs and order forms, and hand-address, stuff, and stamp the hundreds and hundreds of envelopes to mail the flier to the relevant contacts on my mailing list. Hundreds of people had to be looked up on people-locator websites when I discovered I did not have correct current addresses for them. By now everyone has hopefully received a flier.

A PDF of the flier I’ve mailed out is available upon request. If you know of any persons living in any of these areas of New England who might want (or need) to hear this talk, please email me at to request the PDF version of the flier, which you can then forward to any potential attendees. Please do so as soon as possible.

Seating is EXTREMELY limited for these events. Anyone wishing to attend MUST pre-register IMMEDIATELY by emailing me at Those who don’t have email can call me at (570) 969-1724 and leave their name, phone number (in case the talk is canceled due to low pre-registration numbers), the number of people attending, and should specify which location they wish to attend.

As with my June 30 - July 6 trip, every one of these locations is potentially in jeopardy of being canceled if I do not receive enough pre-registrations to be able to afford to travel to that city and pay for meeting space at a hotel there. The fliers mailed out two weeks ago actually specified a pre-registration deadline of August 1; I have emended this to August 5, i.e., 10 days before the tour begins, on the PDF flier in order to give people additional time to respond, but frankly that's reallty cutting it too close.
I really need to hear NOW from anyone planning to attend, as I may already have to start planning revisions to my itinerary and cancelations based upon lack of sufficient interest in certain cities. Please encourage people to email or call me immediately if they wish to keep a particular location “alive,” or they may lose the opportunity to hear me speak there.

As at all my talks, a free-wheeling Q & A/discussion & debate session follows the talk, for those wishing to stay. People are welcome to ask me (or argue with me) about anything: Is religious truth knowable with certainty? Why theism rather than atheism? If theism, why Christianity rather than Judaism or Islam? If Christianity, why Catholicism rather than Eastern Orthodoxy or Protestantism? What’s right and wrong about the Catholic “traditionalist” movement? As always, people of all faiths (or none) are warmly welcome!

The talk is FREE, but a voluntary donation is suggested to help defray the considerable costs I have already incurred and will incur (mailing out the several hundreds of fliers, the meeting room rental costs, my travel expenses, etc.). The suggested donation is only $10 per person, $15 per couple, or $20 for an entire family. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, however!

To continue to do this necessary work of exposing the origins, nature, agenda, and accomplishments of the error-generating entities of our day, I need your continued support — both prayer and financial.

If you don’t already donate to Biblical Foundations International on a monthly basis, would you please prayerfully consider giving a much-needed and much-appreciated alms right now by sending me a donation of $100 (or more, if you are able) to help me keep moving forward with these trips and my many other projects?

We urgently need several donations of $100 or more to cover the considerable costs of this trip, but a donation of any amount will enable this full-time apostolate to keep operating and moving forward with new trips, talks, CDs, and other projects. Biblical Foundations is still severely underfunded and operating on a shoestring budget, and with nine children we are still living below the poverty level. But, as I always say, if I were doing this to make money, I would have quit long, long ago.

1) The quickest, easiest way to donate is to go to my website at and click on the gold-colored “Make a Donation” button in the upper right area of the website’s homepage (or any page) to use PayPal to make a donation.

2) Or you can call me at (570) 969-1724 to use your Discover, Visa, or MasterCard to make a donation. If you get my voicemail because I’m away from my desk, just leave on the recording your credit card information (your name exactly as it appears on the card, your billing address, the 16-digit card number and expiration date, and the 3-digit security code on the back of the card) and the amount you wish to donate.

3) A third option is to make out a check or money order, payable to either “Gerry Matatics” or “Biblical Foundations International,” and mail it to me at PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512.

All those donating $50 or more will receive a free copy of the CD recording of the talk I’m giving on this trip (God willing) on “The End of America.” As always, the loyal handful of folks (alas, all too few) who already regularly donate on a monthly basis don’t need to specifically request a copy of the CD, but will automatically receive one in the mail as soon as it’s produced.

Thank you for your generous and sacrificial support of this adventurous but astoundingly under-funded apostolate. We continue to operate — as we have for quite some time now — on a huge deficit. That is to say, Biblical Foundations International’s modest monthly expenses far outstrip its even more modest monthly income of sales and donations.

But we feel strongly that God wants us to continue this Jeremiah-like ministry lamenting the divine displeasure at our flagrant, covenant-breaking disobedience to God’s law in both church and state. As I stated in last month's post, true Catholics -- unwilling to tolerate in their hearing heretical teaching, unwilling to participate in sacrilegious worship and receive doubtfully valid sacraments, unwilling to be in communion with dogma-denying heretics, however high the offices they ostensibly occupy -- have been exiled from their erstwhile parishes, just as God’s covenant people in the Old Testament were exiled from their land, their temple desecrated and destroyed, for similar reasons of unfaithfulness to God’s covenant directives on the part of those who professed to be God’s people but who, in fact, had fatally compromised the integrity of their commitment to God’s truth, and thus earned His chastisement, as we have in these end times.

We remember all our donors and their loved ones, living and deceased, in our daily rosaries and other prayers. May the one true triune God bless you and all your loved ones with all the graces necessary to truly know, love, and serve Him in this world so that you might be happy with Him forever in the next.

Yours in Christ our truth-telling King
and Mary our truth-loving Mother,
Gerry Matatics 
Updated On: July 28th, 2015

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