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Last chance for FREE Christmas shipping!

Last chance for FREE Christmas shipping!

Dear Friends:

Some people associate Christmas with giving and receiving such gifts as sweaters, scarves, and other articles of clothing; jewelry; gift cards to one's favorite restaurants or stores; big screen TVs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs, smartphones or tablets, computers, video games, or other electronic goodies; food baskets of exotic meats, cheeses, cookies, or chocolates; vacations to ski resorts, warm beaches, or big-name theme parks.

Not that there's anything wrong per se with any of these things. But is there anything more important to give to those we care about at this holy season of the Incarnation than the gift of Catholic truth?

Since November I've been offering FREE, FIRST-CLASS / PRIORITY MAIL shipping on all orders placed before Christmas.

It is still not too late to take advantage of this. Though I sometimes, due to lack of funds, fall behind on future projects (producing new CDs, launching the new website), one thing I NEVER fall behind on is filling orders: every order is consistently filled the SAME DAY it is placed (or the next business day at the very latest, if you place your order after 5 pm, or on Sunday or a holiday).

In a previous version of this post I had therefore recommended placing your order by Saturday, December 20: even orders placed as late as that day would be filled that same day, and would arrive no later than Monday, December 22 -- in plenty of time for Christmas. (I constantly mail things here in Scranton, Pennsylvania on a Saturday that travel clear across the country during the weekend and get delivered, even to the west coast, on Monday.)
But, depending on what state you live in, even orders placed through Monday, December 22 by 5 pm (I have a mall post office I mail at daily that's open until 7 pm) have an excellent chance of being delivered by Wednesday, December 24, as Priority Mail reaches anywhere in the US within 2-3 days.

The fastest way to order is to go right to our online store at We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The store will assess its normal shipping cost and add it to your order's total, but if you use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) to pay, I will subtract the amount the store added for shipping before I charge your card. If you use PayPal to pay, I'll use PayPal to immediately refund you the shipping charge.

If you experience any difficulty, or for some reason prefer to place your order by phone using your credit card, please call me at (570) 969-1724. If you get my voicemail greeting because I'm away from my desk, leave your phone number and I'll call you back right away, or simply leave your order and credit card information on my private voicemail.

Since my erstwhile friend of twenty years, Judie Sharpe of ISOC, has now terminated our eight-year-running series "The Plot Against the Church" and dropped all CDs of this series (as well as all CDs of any of the many other interviews I've done with her over the past eight years) from her website, we are now the ONLY source for obtaining CDs of this series. If you don't have all five albums produced so far (Parts One through Five), now would be a great time to complete your collection. Each Part consists of eight 75-minute CDs in a sturdy vinyl album, and sells for only $49.95.
(There will be two final parts to the "Plot Against the Church" series -- covering in detail the events of the 20th and 21st centuries -- produced next year under my own auspices, once the series resumes after the unfortunate and unforeseen hiatus caused by Mrs. Sharpe's decision this fall, encouraged by her "unauthorized shepherds," to abruptly terminate that popular series, and all future interviews with me. This was due to my position that SSPX, ex-SSPX, and similar irregularly ordained post-Vatican II "traditionalist" clergy -- some of whom bring Mrs. Sharpe the sacraments and whose Masses she attends -- are not in fact priests and bishops of Christ's one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.)

Another extremely popular item from our store is our 12-CD set on the spiritual life, "Victory Through Virtue." Listening to that and taking a huge leap forward in our personal holiness would make a great New Year's resolution!

Perhaps you have Protestant friends or relatives who could benefit from hearing one or more of our CDs which make the Biblical case for Catholicism (such as my conversion story, "How the Bible Converted Me to Catholicism: One Protestant Minister's Surprising Journey of Faith") or demonstrate the Biblical foundations of some of Catholicism's distinctive doctrines (for example, Catholic teaching on Mary, or the Eucharist, or the papacy, or purgatory, and so forth).

Or you may have Catholic loved ones who attend Mass at their local parish who need to hear the information on our 6-CD set "Counterfeit Catholicism," or who (like Mrs. Sharpe) attend independent traditionalist chapels and therefore need to hear our CD on "Unauthorized Shepherds."
There are of course many other CDs, and several books and book sets -- like the great Dom Gueranger's The Liturgical Yearreading a bit from that every day would be another great new habit to adopt for 2015! -- available from our online store.
Whatever your needs, we probably have something that meets them. I look forward to receiving and filling your order!
Look for a new post from me on Christmas Day announcing the launch of our new multimedia website. And be assured of my gratitude for your patronage and support, and my very best wishes and heartfelt prayers for many graces for you and yours during these final days of Advent, and throughout the coming glorious Christmastide!
Yours in the faithful Virgin and her divine, world-changing Child,
Gerry Matatics 
Updated On: December 21st, 2014

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