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Deadline on free CDs offer extended one week to Saturday, May 10

Deadline on free CDs offer extended one week to Saturday, May 10

The following letter is a revised version of the letter posted here last week (April 30), now updating and extending this special one-time offer's deadline to Saturday, May 10.  

Dear Friends:

Last month I returned from an 11-day lecture tour of California and Arizona. A CD recording of that talk, "As It Was in the Days of Noah: The Startling Parallels between the Cultural Collapse Preceding the Primeval Flood and Our Own Turbulent Times -- And What to Do About It," is forthcoming.

Other soon-to-be-released new CDs will include:

"Dark Day of Double Deception (The Lowest of Low Sundays)Why John XXIII and John Paul II Are More Dangerous Dead Than Alive, and How Their Counterfeit Canonizations Take the Apocalyptic Apostasy of the Last Days to its Final Stages"

as well as

"Why 'But Where Can We Go to Mass?' Is the Wrong Question: How Sacred Scripture and the Fathers & Doctors of the Church Teach A Eucharistic Famine for the Last Days, and Why God Had to Take Away the Mass in Execution of His Covenant Sanctions."

Keep watching for a future email from me announcing the release of these CDs!

But let's talk about what's already available right now as my latest CD release. Before I left on that tour I spent several days mailing out to each of my regular supporters a free copy of my just-released "Part Five" of our smash bestselling series, "The Plot Against the Church."

(That’s one of the perks, by the way, of joining my "50/50 Club," a group of folks -- which I hope will eventually, God willing, increase to 50 people -- who donate $50 or more each month to Biblical Foundations International to enable this apostolate to continue to operate full-time producing CDs, launching new lecture tours, and creating and sustaining its many other projects. Because they donate monthly, members of the 50/50 Club get free copies of each new CD or CD set we release, usually a month before they are made available to the regular public. Please email me if you're interested in joining the 50/50 Club.)

Like all four previous parts of this series, Part Five of "The Plot Against the Church" consists of eight 75-minute CDs, handsomely printed with full-color graphics, in high-quality vinyl sleeves sturdily held in an attractive and durable compact 2-ring binder, selling for only $49.95 plus shipping and handling.

That's less than $6.25 a CD, each one containing an hour and a quarter of high-octane, hard-to-get-elsewhere information that will equip you to understand the centuries-long subversion of the Church leading up to the apocalyptic crisis of our own times.

Part Five covers such exciting topics as the connections between Freemasonry and the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the creation of the Mormon religion; the role of secret societies in the 19th century wars and revolutions in Europe and South America; the plots surrounding the first Vatican Council of 1870; and much, much more.
A complete list of the topics, disc by disc, is available -- as are the topics on each of the discs of Parts One through Four -- on our online store at (If you don't own any of the previous parts of this exciting series, now's the time to start listening to and learning from this unique educational resource!)

I am so excited about this latest 8-CD installment in our ongoing "Plot Against the Church" series that I am making, not one but TWO money-saving offers:

OFFER #1: If you want this $49.95 8-CD set absolutely FREE, just go to our online store and order $100 of ANYTHING you like -- CDs or classic Catholic books -- and I will include a set of "Plot Against the Church, Part Five" absolutely FREE with your order.
(Don't select Part Five from the online store: just order the other items totaling $100 or more, and append a note on the online order form indicating that you want a FREE copy of "Plot Part Five," and I will enclose a copy with your order.)

OFFER #2: Can't spend as much as $100 right now? Just order "Plot, Part Five" for only $49.95 plus shipping & handling -- either via inexpensive Media Mail or the faster (1-3 day delivery) Priority Mail -- from our online store, and I will include a FREE copy of any other single CD that we sell: YOUR choice!
(Again, don't select the free CD from the store as though you were purchasing it: just indicate in the "Notes" section of your order form which CD you want and it will be included at no extra charge.)

These generous, one-time special offers are LIMITED-TIME offers only good through the end of this week, expiring at midnight this Saturday, May 10.
To take advantage of either offer, place your order for "The Plot Against the Church, Part Five" right away, before you forget!
Best wishes for a continuing glorious and grace-filled Eastertide.
Your joyful servant in Christ our Risen King
and Mary His Gloriously Reigning Mother,
Gerry Matatics
Updated On: May 4th, 2014

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