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A Catholic reflection on the election results • Gerry speaks in Burlington VT November 11 • More SuperStorms for the SuperSins of "The World's Last Super Power" Headed Our Way?

A Catholic reflection on the election results • Gerry speaks in Burlington VT November 11 • More SuperStorms for the SuperSins of "The World's Last Super Power" Headed Our Way?


One of the many ironies of American politics is that President Barak Obama's extremely narrow defeat of Mitt Romney's bid for the presidency last night might actually bring about the realization of the Mormon dream of taking over the United States government sooner rather than later.


I say that because those Americans who voted for Romney (giving him 49% of the popular vote, and only -- at this point in the counting -- about a million fewer votes than Obama received with his 50%) did so because they believed Romney's campaign promises that his and Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan's economic policies could halt, or at least significantly slow down, America's tax-and-spend stampede toward the "fiscal cliff" about which financial analysts have been rightly raising the alarm.


Had Romney won the election (which in reality he may well have, given the demonstrable prevalence of vote fraud in US politics), and had he then succeeded in delivering the economic recovery he promised, America would have at least temporarily delayed the looming financial collapse and concomitant constitutional crisis that, according to Mormon prophecies, will be the sign from heaven that their time to rule has come.


If Obama's next four years and his essentially socialist, central-planning policies achieve no reversal of our downward economic spiral (and there would be no rational basis to believe that they could), that "prophesied" time may come sooner rather than later.


The fact is -- as I've labored to show on this website, in my ISOC interviews and my other talks, especially those I gave during my 30-day, 30-city, 10,000-mile October 2010 lecture tour -- the goals of the New World Order are, year by year, incrementally but inexorably advanced by both the Republican and the Democrat parties -- just by slightly varying paths, and at slightly varying speeds.


If Obama continues to disappoint (as he has been disappointing even his own Democrat constituents) during his next four years, the backlash could be far more severe in 2016 than it was this year, propelling Romney into the White House on a tidal wave of anti-Democrat popular outrage. If and when that happens, the achievement of having placed into the Oval Office a Mormon (in fact, a man who achieved the rank of bishop, no less, in the Mormon church) would certainly constitute  a milestone of occult significance in our country's Masonic character.

Mormonism is of course (to date) the only religion "made in America" crafted (if you'll pardon the pun) by Freemasonry itself. And any objective history of the Mormon sect readily reveals how that "church" was cooked up in the cauldron of magic, Masonry, wild "visions" and "revelations," and other aberrant beliefs that characterized so much of the popular culture in what scholars of American religion term the "burned over district" of upstate New York during the so-called "Second Great Awakening" of the early 1800s, which is where and when young Joseph Smith, Jr., came up with the idea for his new religion.


From the beginning Smith, and every subsequent "prophet" / president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (generally abbreviated as the LDS) has solemnly "prophesied" (by divine inspiration, they claim) that a time was coming when the USA would undergo a severe constitutional and economic crisis, and at that critical moment the LDS church (which claims to be "the only restoration of the one true church of Jesus Christ," all other Christian bodies being "of the devil") would be empowered by God to take over the government of the United States and establish a Mormon theocracy here, and then, in rapid succession, around the world.


To help bring about that end-time scenario, the first Mormon ever to run for President of the United States was not Mitt Romney, nor his father George Romney (who ran in 1968), but Joseph Smith himself in 1844. Subsequent Mormon leaders (e.g., Senator Reed Smoot in the early years of the 20th century and Senator Orrin Hatch at the end of that century) have run for president fired by the same prophetic vision.


Sooner or later, the LDS church believes, a high-ranking Mormon will succeed in acquiring that office as part of the sequence of events -- outlined (for example) in Mormon scholar W. Cleon Skousen's alarming book The Cleansing of America -- which will result in the total takeover of of our government and our nation, all according to the heaven-revealed script found in The Book of Mormon and other LDS "inspired scriptures" such as Doctrine & Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price.


No careful student of the New World Order's patient machinations and elaborate oscillatory schemes can fail to recognize that the hypothesis is at least highly plausible that the precise purpose of Obama's election in 2008 and re-election in 2012, and of his presiding over eight years of unmitigated and ever-accelerating economic and cultural crisis, is this: to send "conservatives," Christians, and Republicans in general screaming and scrambing up the ominously tilting deck of the Titanic that is our American ship of state, and into the ready arms of whoever offers to rescue them from "the Obamanation of desolation" -- without bothering to look too closely at the spiritual beliefs and agenda of that supposed savior.


On a more even playing field (i.e., not the aforementioned dangerously tliting deck), in a nation supposedly populated largely by professing "Christians," one might have thought that such a farcical fraud as the LDS church wouldn't have stood much of a chance of social and political success (e.g., Romney garnering, as already mentioned, 49% of the popular vote in yesterday's election). Mormonism, after all, revealed itself early on to be a polytheistic and polygamous religion (whatever politically correct "inspired revisions" have occasionally had to be made to LDS dogmas in order for the sect to be accepted into the mainstream of American culture) -- a religion that preaches blatantly heretical views of God, Christ, humanity, and salvation and whose temple rituals heavily borrow from Freemasonry.


But for most people Mormonism hasn't even been an issue in this election, and, as America sinks ever deeper into a coma of religious indifferentism, is even less likely to be in 2016. A recent national poll indicated that 50% of the American people know "little or nothing" about the Mormon "faith," and the vast majority "couldn't care less" what Mormons believe.


Thus the sorry "choice" that the American people were presented with in yesterday's election. (Not that the "choice" hasn't become increasingly sorry over the past several election cycles -- and, at some level, has always been unsatisfying, at least for believing Catholics.) The abysmal nature of that choice, between the devil of Mormonism and the deep blue sea of socialism is, I believe, one of the strongest indications we have of just how wrathful Almighty God is toward our wayward nation, where abominations like the routine medical murder of the defenceless unborn are the order of the day -- an abomination that a President Romney and a Vice President Ryan would have done virtually nothing to outlaw, all their conservative posturing and rhetoric to the contrary notwithstanding. (See, for example, Dr. Tom Droleskey's October 24 essay on, entitled "Without Any Rational Foundation.")


I also believe that the "hybrid hurricane," SuperStorm Sandy, which just last week wrought such devastation in so many eastern states, is another such indication of the divine displeasure, particularly at the run-up to this election. I expect more "SuperStorms," unleashed to punish "The World's Last SuperPower" for its "SuperSins," with even greater devastating effects, in the days to come, by the way. My heart and my prayers go out to all those unfortunate Americans who lost power, or their homes and possessions, or even their lives or the lives of their loved ones during this catastrophe, and I prayed my rosaries for them as SuperStorm Sandy forced me to drive through a freak blizzard (during a "tropical storm"!) across nearly the entire diagonal width of Ohio as I struggled to make the ten-hour trip home to Scranton, Pennsylvania, immediately after giving my final talk in Cincinnati on Sunday night, October 29, at the conclusion of my mini-Midwestern lecture tour speaking about "Mitt, Masons, and Mormonism: Occult Origins, Oligarchic Objectives."


I have much more to say about all this, in greater detail (and with more Biblical and theological support) than I have space for here. God willing, I'll be speaking on "Agenda for America: Are our only options really Socialism and Mormonism?" this coming Sunday afternoon, November 11, at 2:30 pm at the Comfort Inn & Suites, 5 Dorset St, South Burlington, Vermont 05403. The hotel is located at exit 14 E (the University Mall exit) off Interstate I-89; after exiting, turn right at the first light onto Dorset Street, and you'll find the Comfort Inn behind the University Inn. The hotel phone is (802) 863-5541. The talk is FREE and open to the public, and people of all political and religious persuasions (or none) are warmly welcome.


NOTE: Due to limited seating, pre-registration to attend this talk is REQUIRED. To be informed of a possible change of location due to the number of those pre-registering, you MUST either email me at, or call my voicemail at (570) 969-1724 as soon as possible, but absolutely no later than Friday midnight, November 9. Please provide your name, phone number, and the number of those in your party wishing to attend.


Some of my expenses in giving this talk -- my travel to and from the Comfort Inn and my lodging expenses there -- are already being covered, thanks be to God. But some of the necessary expenses, such as the nearly $1000 I've already spent advertising the talk, printing up and mailing out several hundred fliers to folks in Vermont, etc. -- have not yet been covered. If you could please prayerfully consider making a donation, large or small, to help me with this trip, I'll be happy to send you a recording of the talk and of the ensuing Q & A session.


You can donate in any one of the following three ways:


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In Homer's epic poem The Odyssey, the hero, Odysseus, at a particularly poignant point in his tribulation-ridden attempt to return home, was obliged to steer his ship between two equally unacceptable and disastrous perils, a pair of deadly monsters named Scylla and Charybdis.


That is exactly the sort of choice that confronted voters in yesterday's US presidential election. My personal conviction (which was, as I always hasten to point out, not per se binding upon anyone else's conscience) is that a vote for either Obama or Romney was morally unacceptable (i.e. sinful) for a professing Christian -- or indeed for any right-thinking individual, even one uninformed by any religious faith.


Please help me to get the message out far and wide to our nation as to what's terribly, terminally wrong with American "politics as usual" from the perspective of Biblical truth and the social kingship of Christ (the true Christ, not the false Christ of Mormonism). There is a world-saving wealth of classical Catholic social teaching that has been all but obliterated in the aftermath of the Vatican II revolution.


Regardless of who had won yesterday's election, the unpalatable and politically incorrect but politically necessary truth of man's obligation to acknowledge Christ's kingship will only grow more and more relevant as the days, and the United States' dark destiny, unfold. For whether Obama was re-elected (as was the case) for four more increasingly socialist years or Romney had won the chance to implement his Mormon vision of political reality from inside the Oval Office, one thing is clear: neither man has the real plan to bring God's blessings upon America, and faithful Catholics, once again, have their work cut out for them.


And part of that work surely encompasses the obligation to understand, not only the failed policies of socialism, but the equally flawed vision of Mormonism, and to be able to perceive and to demonstrate its falsity in a humble and helpful fashion -- not only in order to staunch the hemorrhaging of ill-educated Catholics (including even Vatican II "priests"!) out of the true Church into the cult of Mormonism, but (by God's grace) to effectively turn the tables and charitably win the millions of Mormons from their man-made faith to the true Faith that Christ's true Church has been offering the world for two millennia now.


For make no mistake: though Mr. Romney happened to be defeated at the polls this time around, the spectre of Mormonism and its "agenda for America" will not go quietly off into the night.


Yours in sorrow for our sinful nation,

Gerry Matatics 


Updated On: November 7th, 2012

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