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Fall 2012: Our latest, most generous offer: the upcoming "Plot Against the Church, Part Five" -- FREE for the first 100 customers!

Fall 2012: Our latest, most generous offer: the upcoming "Plot Against the Church, Part Five" -- FREE for the first 100 customers!

Dear Friends:


As each new installment of our ongoing best-selling CD series, "The Plot Against the Church," has been released, I've made generous, limited-time offers to make it even easier for people to acquire these talks.


For example, at the beginning of this year I offered a free copy of the (at that time still unreleased) "Plot Against the Church, Part Four" and a free copy of "The Plot Against the Church, Part Five" to anyone who purchased Parts One through Three. Since each of these "parts" is an 8-CD album normally selling for $49.95, this was a nearly $100 value, completely free and postage paid!


Several of our customers took advantage of that offer, and received their free copy of "Part Four" when it was released this summer, just as they will receive "Part Five" when it's completed a few months from now. (We normally record one talk for this series each month, but are hoping to go into "double-time" pace and get the next eight talks done in only four months, if possible.)


A few months later, on the eve of Part Four's release, I offered Part Four (again, that's a $49.95 value) for free to anyone buying any two of the previously released parts.


Today it is my pleasure to announce our most generous offer to date. All you have to do is buy any ONE of the four currently available parts, and you will receive a FREE copy of Part Five when it's released later this year!


Part Five, like each of the previous parts, will be a high-quality vinyl album containing eight 75-minute CDs (totaling ten hours of valuable information) that will normally sell for $49.95. (That's less than $5 an hour for a mountain of hard-to-obtain analysis about the figures and forces behind the current cultural collapse.) Since you now only have to buy one of the previous parts to get Part Five for free, that amounts to a "buy one, get one free offer" -- the most generous offer we've ever made.


If anyone reading this is still unfamiliar with the series, descriptions of each of the existing four parts are available at our online store,, but here, for your convenience, are the topics covered:


Part One 


Disc 1. The Plot Begins: The Synagogue of Satan

Discs 2-4. The Plot Continues: The Empire Strikes Back, Parts I-III: The Roman-Jewish Alliance Against the Church

Discs 5-6. Arian Supremacy? Athanasius Against the World, Parts I-II

Disc 7. Attacking Jesus through Mary: The Nestorian Heresy, Then & Now

Disc 8. The Mouth of Gold vs. the Merchants of of Gold: St. John Chrysostom vs. the Judaizers


Part Two


Disc 9. St. Augustine's City of God vs. City of Man: Supernatural Society vs. Organized Naturalism

Discs 10-12. Should Old Aquinas Be Forgot and Never Brought to Mind? How Dumb was the "Dumb Ox" (St. Thomas Aquinas) on Jewish-Christian Relations? Parts I-III

Discs 13-14. The Truth about the Templars: The Triangular Relationship between International Finance, Secret Societies, and the Subversion of God's Sanctuary, Parts I-II

Disc 15. The Protestant Reformations: Spiritual Subversion Masquerading as Biblical Christianity

Disc 16.  The Continental Reformation, Part I: Luther as Luciferian Rebel


Part Three


Disc 17. The Continental Reformation, Part 2: Calvin's Catastrophic Impact on Theology, Politics, and Economics

Disc 18. The English Reformation, Part I: Henry VIII

Disc 19. The English Reformation, Part II: Edward VI

Disc 20. The English Reformation, Part III: Mary Tudor

Discs 21-22. The English Reformation, Parts IV-V: Elizabeth I

Discs 23-24. Reformation, Revolution, Restoration in 17th Century England: The Two Jameses, the Two Charleses, and the Two Cromwells, Parts I-II


Part Four


Discs 25-27: The Occult Shakespeare, parts I-III

Disc 28: Darkness Masquerading As Light: The "Enlightenment," part I: Sir Walter Raleigh

Disc 29: Darkness Masquerading As Light: The "Enlightenment," part II: Sir Francis Bacon

Disc 30: Darkness Masquerading As Light: The "Enlightenment," part III: Descartes

Disc 31: Darkness Masquerading As Light: The "Enlightenment," part IV: Hobbes, Locke, Newton

Disc 32: American Revolution & Americanism: Birth & Afterbirth of the World's First Masonic Republic, part I


Part Five will continue the discussion of the Freemasonic wellsprings of the American Revolution and the creation of the American republic; the true beliefs of Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and other founding fathers; the occult architectural layout of Washington DC; the French Revolution; the European Revolutions of 1830 and 1848; the American "Civil War" (a misnomer); the rise of Communism, liberalism, and modernism in the late 19th century and the Vatican's response; the rise of international Zionism; the nefarious planning and execution of World Wars I and II and the intervening deliberately-engineered "Great Depression" to give birth to the New World Order; the Vatican II revolution; the "neoconservative" movement; and the Luciferian endgame now confronting us in the 21st century.


As I've already stated in previous announcements, this series, like no other recordings out there that I know of, reveals in painstaking detail the ages-old agenda of the enemies of the Church to infiltrate and corrupt her from within, in order to subvert her saving message and sacraments.


The "Plot Against the Church" series pulls no punches in exposing the spiritual "family ties" between entities that initially may seem somewhat unrelated: antichristian apostate Judaism, secret societies like Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and the Knights Templar, and the political, economic, and spiritual architects of the New World Order -- whether in its Marxist-socialist variant (think Obama) or its Wall Street conglomerate-capitalist, international-banking variant (think Mitt Romney).


This newest offer (get Part Five for FREE if you order any of the previous parts) is limited to the first 100 customers to take advantage of this deal. Once those 100 free sets of Part Five have been claimed by the next 100 purchasers of any of Parts One through Four, this offer will be withdrawn and will not be repeated. 


You can be one of the first 100 to reserve your FREE copy of Part Five by ordering a copy of Part One, Two, Three or Four in any one of the following three ways:


A) The simplest way is to go straight to our online store here on this website ( and order, paying with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or PayPal. (The online store also gives you the option to pay by check or money order; your order will be shipped out as soon as your payment arrives.)


B) If you prefer not to shop online, you may call me at (570) 969-1724, and leave on my voicemail your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card's 16-digit number, expiration date, 3-digit security code from the back of the card, your name as it appears on the card, and your shipping address. (Please supply as well your credit card's billing address if it differs from your shipping address.) Please leave a phone number where I can reach you if any part of your message is unclear or unintentionally incomplete.


C) A third option is to mail a check or money order to: Gerry Matatics, PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512. The check should be for $54.95 ($49.95 for the 8-CD album plus $5 for First Class postage). Please make the check payable to either "Gerry Matatics" or "Biblical Foundations International."


Remember, this offer is limited to the first 100 people who respond, so please place your order TODAY to secure your FREE copy of Part Five of "The Plot Against the Church"!


Yours in the uncompromising, unadulterated, classic Catholic Faith,

Gerry Matatics


PS. Don't forget the other new CDs we've released over the past several weeks, about which I’ve written here on the website, all of which are described in greater detail on our online store at


"What Do Recusant Catholics Do On Sunday?" ($9.95)


"Communion with Heretics or Communion with Hermengild: Some Facts for the 'Sacraments-At-Any-Cost' Crowd to Consider" ($9.95)


"St. Joan of Arc: Servant of Christ the King & Saint for Our Troubled Times" ($9.95)


“Bonding with Benedict: The Catastrophic Consequences of Attending Masses Said ‘Una Cum’ (in Ecclesial Union with) Antipope Benedict XVI” (3-CD set, $19.95)

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