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St. Joan of Arc vs. the New World Order

St. Joan of Arc vs. the New World Order

Dear Friends:
I am delighted to announce that today I've added to our online store ( a CD entitled "St. Joan of Arc: Servant of Christ the King & Saint for Our Troubled Times."
This recording originated when my good friend Judith Sharpe, curator of the "In the Spirit of Chartres" Committee website ( asked me to do a program on St. Joan's life, her amazing achievements, and her significance for us in our own 21st century struggle against the New World Order.
In the interview I draw upon contemporary eyewitness sources from Joan's own era, ancient and modern biographies of this extraordinary saint, and incisive analyses such as Solange Hertz's masterful essay, "St. Joan Confronts Utopia."
The interview was actually done some time ago. But not being part of my best-selling but highly-demanding "Plot Against the Church" series (also done in collaboration with Judie Sharpe), I found it impossible before now, with my severely overburdened schedule -- juggling globe-trotting lecture tours, preparing for and producing many other CDs, and single-handedly carrying out the countless other educational, evangelistic, and apologetical projects of Biblical Foundations International -- to find the time necessary to mass produce and stock the CD myself.
Although not been offered in our online store until now, I occasionally received requests for this recording, which I'd fulfill by simply sending the CD in the form Judie offered it through ISOC.
Recently, however, I had the unexpected opportunity to listen to it afresh, and was profoundly struck by the relevance of its content in the face of our current cultural, political, economic, and spiritual crises. 
I immediately determined to finally make the mass production of the CD a priority for BFI, and just received the first 100 copies in the mail yesterday from my good friend and West Coast audio technician and producer, Carlo DiMesio. We are extremely eager to put a copy into your hands as we consider the hard -- and perhaps radical -- choices confronting us in this fateful US election year.
This 75-minute CD, in a sturdy vinyl "DVD case" featuring John Everett Millais's beautiful painting of Joan (with a different painting of Joan gracing the CD itself), is only $9.95, and can be purchased from our fully-secure online store using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or PayPal.

If any of you still prefer not to purchase things online, you can call us at (570) 969-1724. Or you can send a $12.95 check or money order ($9.95 for the CD plus $3 for First Class shipping), payable to "Biblical Foundations International," to: BFI, PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512.

Would you like to receive this new CD for free? Just order (either from our online store, or by phone or mail) two copies -- one for you and one for a loved one in this pivotal year in American and world history -- of Fr. Denis Fahey's dynamic book The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism, the very best introduction available, in my estimation and in the estimation of many other traditional Catholic scholars, to the Church's classic (but now politically incorrect and sinfully suppressed) social teaching -- and I'll include a FREE copy of the CD. (The book sells for $10.95, so two copies are only $21.90, plus $5 for First Class shipping and handling.)

The CD makes a perfect companion to the book, since St. Joan's brief life was all about the social kingship of Christ versus the forces of organized naturalism arrayed against her and against her heavenly King, under whose royal standard she so valiantly battled in her day. The diabolically inspired forces Joan contended with were the precursors to the New World Order of our apocalyptic age, and the secret of her success is likewise the key to our victory.

Please note that you must order TWO copies of the book to receive a free copy of the St. Joan of Arc CD. Whether you order your two copies from our online store, by phone, or by mail, there's no need to select the CD: a free copy will be automatically added to your fulfilled order.

Make sure you get your copy of this new CD, "St. Joan of Arc: Servant of Christ the King & Saint for Our Troubled Times" (and Fr. Fahey's magnificent masterpiece, The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism, if you don't already have it) right away. Christ our risen King is sovereignly summoning His Church Militant into spiritual battle, into the momentous struggle of our times, as we rapidly approach the final confrontation between Christ and Antichrist.

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!

In Christ our mighty King and Mary our majestic Queen,

Gerry Matatics  

Updated On: May 9th, 2012

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