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Gerry Matatics Still Alive! (Says he'll prove it by embarking on August 5-15, 2010 lecture tour of New England & New York)

I want to begin by thanking the thousands of people who've been sending flowers, condolence cards, and links to online traditional Catholic dating services to my wife all this year.

Because I had not updated my website since December 28, apparently these good foik had concluded that the only possible explanation for this was my untimely (?) death. But as Mark Twain once famously quipped in a cable he sent to a newspaper that had mistakenly published his obituary, the reports of my death, too, have been greatly exaggerated (no doubt fueled by wishful thinking on the part of some).

By the way, I was totally kidding about the flowers, etc. (including, hopefully, about the dating services): no one really sent any condolences (or even congratulations) to my wife. To be fair, the lack of condolences probably says a lot more about my shortcomings than about theirs.

My August 5-15 New York / New England lecture tour

To provide scientific, incontrovertible proof that I have not yet "shuffled off this mortal coil" (as Hamlet would say), I could think of no better demonstration than to spend August 5-15 speaking one last time in all the cities in New York and New England that I haven't already returned to in my 300-city "swan song" megatour.

As many of you know, I did partial sweeps of New England in 2006 and 2008 and of New York in 2007. Both my limited schedule and my limited funds on those occasions, however, didn't permit me to hit every single city in those states that I'd previously spoken in, which is the whole point of my megatour (to speak in every such city one final time).

This August 5-15 sweep is therefore necessary: not having bowled a "strike" on those 2006-2008 trips, I must now make the rounds again to pick off the "spares." But as far as my future plans go, this should therefore be my very last lecture tour of those seven states, except for one week-long intensive tour of New York City and Long Island that I hope to do either this fall or next spring. On that trip I plan to finally speak in all five boroughs -- Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens -- and also at three different locations on Long Island: somewhere on the west end of the island (e.g. Glen Cove, Oyster Bay, Westbury, or Rockville Center), somewhere mid-island (e.g., Commack, Central Islip, or Coram) and (possibly) somewhere on the island's east end. (I've never been out there, due to the absence of a Hampton Inn in the Hamptons -- which would, I'll wager, strike even Chesterton as being at least slightly paradoxical.)  

An Apology & Explanation 

Before I tell you where I'll be speaking on this August 5-15 tour and what I'll be speaking about (including an exciting debate on the New Mass), I really do need, though, not only to humbly ask everyone's forgiveness for not having updated my website at all this year before now, but also to explain why I haven't.

My apology for having been incommunicado is only with reference to the website: obviously I've communicated throughout 2010 with thousands of individuals by phone, e-mail, regular mail, and in person on a variety of matters. But the website has been, until now, completely stagnant this year, due to the fact that this has been absolutely the busiest year of my life so far.

I've always kept very busy, but it's been insanely busy, without let-up, since Christmas. I've been working non-stop, round the clock -- usually skipping a night of sleep at least once a week to work right through the night and the following day -- on several different projects concurrently, with no time left for updating the website. Here are just a half dozen of the projects that I've been slaving away at for many months now, one of which (see #6 below) also provides an additional reason I haven't updated the website until now:

Project #1: The long-awaited "Truth Train" talks

1) Last year in August, as I mentioned on the website at that time, I gave a week of lectures in suburban Philadelphia under the title of "Riding the Train of Truth All the Way to the End of the Line." The videographer who initially was to have used his elaborate, professional video-recording equipment to capture the talks (he records and sells traditional Catholic videos for a living) suddenly decided not to show up to run his own equipment.

Meanwhile, a stranger from Florida claiming to be a fellow traditional Catholic mysteriously showed up before the talks, appearing unannounced at the home of the man in whose house the talks were to be given (despite the fact that the location had not even been publicized!). He invited himself in as a houseguest for the week and volunteered to run the video equipment, professing competence in this area.

Midway through the week, however, the man caused a shockingly violent disruption, savagely attacking everyone present, including denouncing our gracious hostess as a "child of Satan" because she disagreed with him -- about a personal matter, not a doctrine of the Faith. He angrily began collecting his things (including all the clothes and groceries that had invaded his bewildered hostess's laundry room and refrigerator), threw them all in his car, and abruptly drove away -- all while the recording was still running! My host attempted to do the best he could to salvage the situation after this act of sabotage, but later informed me that most of the week's recordings were unwatchable. 

This has necessitated completely re-delivering and re-recording the lectures from scratch, for which I unfortunately had no free week budgeted in my always overpacked schedule. As a "consolation prize" to those who've been so patiently awaiting this series of recordings, I have expanded and upgraded the series of talks into a college-level apologetics course of now 30 CDs (which I will make available, at no additional cost, to those who indicated last year their interest in acquiring the original 25-CD set whenever it finally came out; all others will pay full price, which at $195 -- or only $6.50 a CD -- is still a steal). These will be finally released, in their new, much improved and much expanded form, after my August and September speaking tours are completed.

Projects #2 & #3: Books on what's wrong with the Novus Ordo and many traditionalist alternatives to the Novus Ordo

2) Another project nearing completion -- an outgrowth of the aforementioned "Train of Truth" lectures -- is a small book for those who profess to be Catholics on why they should not attend the New Mass. (See below for an announcement about an upcoming August 15 debate on this topic between me and a Novus Ordo apologist.)

3) Another project -- also an outgrowth of the week of lectures -- is another book, this one addressed to those Catholics who already know not to attend the New Mass and who would describe themselves as "traditional Catholics." This book seeks to inform such Catholics why they urgently need to ascertain whether the "traditionalist clergy" they are approaching for Mass and sacraments possess the necessary mission and jurisdiction to communicate sacramental grace to us today.

I have been stunned to discover by my in-depth research over the last two years into sacramental theology, moral theology, and canon law, that most such clergy today do NOT possess this mission and jurisdiction, and to discover that because such unauthorized clergy culpably violate God's law in these matters they are NOT authentically functioning to bring the graces they claim to bring to Catholics during the current crisis.

Most of what calls itself "the traditionalist movement," in other words, is in reality as much a "counterfeit" as is the Vatican II religion. This is a truly traumatic awakening for those of us Catholics who, disaffected with the Novus Ordo, have spent years living among the various tribes of the "traditionalist movement," but facts are facts. Stay tuned for many more essays from me on this painful problem in the coming weeks.

Project #4: Planning for a no-compromise, thoroughly anti-modernist Catholic college 

4) I've been working extensively for months now with a friend overseas to consider the viability of a college -- probably to be established here in the US (if it ends up being established at all) -- where our young people (or people of any age, for that matter) can go to receive a complete Catholic education that totally and uncompromisingly rejects Vatican II and all its errors. As far as I know no such college presently exists on the face of the entire planet -- certainly not in the English-speaking world, and I doubt anywhere else.

There is a crying need for such a college. Some of you may recall the unfortunately unsuccessful attempts of Dr. Thomas Droleskey (with his "Christ the King College") or Mr. Jeff Knight (with his "Corpus Christi University") to launch such a school, neither of which came to anything, regrettably -- not even a lasting online institution. I, along with many others, applauded these men for their vision and zeal (in fact I was asked by both men, since I had been a college and seminary professor of theology, apologetics, Sacred Scripture, Biblical languages, and other related fields for many years at five different schools, to serve on their faculties), I was rooting for these men to succeed, and was truly saddened when their ambitious plans didn't come to fruition.

Project #5: An authentically Catholic response to Jehovah's Witnesses 

5) I've had a series of lengthy visits with Jehovah's Witnesses who've come to my door over the past several months, and in fact I went to their "Kingdom Hall" this past Sunday to engage two of their "elders" (ministers). Once I began to indicate the level of preparation I had undertaken (I had two large, boxy briefcases full of reference works), and the level at which I hoped the discussion would proceed, that event was rapidly rescheduled by them to occur on the following Saturday, and not at the Kingdom Hall but on my porch, with an additional elder coming to assist. That discussion has now taken place, with all three men beating a very hasty retreat, one by one, after an hour or so.

I know this is an area many, many Catholics need help in, since it's rare to find a Catholic who's never been accosted by a Jehovah's Witness -- just as it's been rare (in my experience) to meet a Jehovah's Witness who's not an ex-Catholic! As part of my preparation for these discussions, I recently acquired and read over two dozen additional books on the history and theology of the Witnesses, to supplement those books I've already had for years (I've been debating Jehovah's Witnesses at my door for nearly forty years now, ever since I became a Protestant at the age of 14), and I will be releasing a CD on this topic to help you in any future encounters you might have with the JW's.

Project 6: My (also long-awaited) new website 

6) As I think you already know, I've also been working, since the very beginning of January, on a new, multimedia website to replace my existing one. Because the amount of material it will offer -- in over fifty different departments! -- and the multimedia nature and technical sophistication of the site is rather ambitious (compared to the present site), I've had to undergo extensive training (in how to create and maintain the site) at an Apple store (since I'm using a Mac, not a Windows PC, to build the site on).

The nearest Apple store is unfortunately a 3-hour round-trip from my home. To stack the deck even more adversely against me, though I had a weekly training session scheduled each week in January, February, March, and April, on the very day of the scheduled training session -- each week, without fail -- it had to be cancelled due to a major snowstorm (some of them record-breaking blizzards). This happened for 14 straight weeks in a row, all the way through April! With warmer weather came other difficulties. I have persevered, however, against at times seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and should be ready to launch the new site next month.

Because each month so far this year I kept hoping to launch the new website that month, I chose not to update this current site. However, though I still have a week or two of lessons to complete before I can launch and maintain the new website, I can no longer delay posting something on this, my existing site, because of my imminent departure on the aforementioned August 5-15 lecture tour. To a description of that tour -- a typical Matatics whirlwind, high-speed road race, covering 2000 miles to speak in 12 different cities in 11 days -- I therefore now turn.

On tap for August: eleven talks, one debate

On my final stop, in Fishkill NY on the evening of August 15 (the feast of Our Lady's Assumption), I will be debating Catholic apologist Vin Lewis on whether Catholics ought to attend the New Mass. But at each of the previous eleven stops on my lecture tour I will speak on the topic "Deadline 2012: Last Chance to Stop the New World Order?"

The talk covers four distinct but interconnected themes:

1) First I discuss how various factions -- religious, scientific, political, financial -- are using apocalyptic end-times scenarios to manufacture anxiety and alarm over what might happen on December 22, 2012. They do so in order to manipulate and stampede the world's population into accepting unprecedented, radical changes and draconian measures, on the supposition that unless we do so, we are doomed.

2) Secondly, I describe the centuries-long (and publicly admitted) efforts of international financiers (such as the Rothschilds) to create a "global economy" that can be completely controlled by an elite few, and how today's deliberately engineered economic crunch is designed to accelerate that globalist consolidation of wealth in the hands of such plutocrats.

3) Thirdly, I describe the political vision that underlies this economic power play: the secular humanistic dream of a one-world government that fundamentally rejects the social kingship of Christ. And I chronicle the systematic steps taken over the last five hundred years to bring us closer to this nightmarish dystopia.

4) Fourthly, I point out how, just as the globalists' economic agenda has its foundation an underlying political agenda, so the political agenda, in its turn, has as its foundation an underlying spiritual agenda: the age-old agenda of God's first and greatest enemy to cause as many souls as possible to share his eternal torment, since "misery loves company." As Father Fahey taught, Satan was the first naturalist, and the "New World Order" is actually as old as Lucifer's primal revolt against the Original World Order, which is God's. I wish I could say that none of those professing to be Catholics are aiding and abetting what Fahey calls "the forces of organized naturalism" to bring about this brave new world. But I cannot, and in my talk I give painful examples.

5) Finally, I conclude my talk with several practical steps we all can and must take to ensure our own safety and the safety of our children and other loved ones.

Here, then, is my speaking schedule for this tour:

1. Thursday, August 5, 7:30 pm: Waterloo NY (Finger Lakes region between Rochester and Syracuse)

Holiday Inn, 2468 Mound Rd, Waterloo NY 13165 •• (315) 539-5011

Exit 41 off I-90, proceed south on Rt 414 for 4 miles, hotel is on right.

2. Friday, August 6, 7:30 pm: Albany NY

Holiday Inn205 Wolf Rd, Albany NY 12205 •• (518) 458-7250

Exit 4 off I-87: if northbound, turn right on Wolf Rd; if southbound, turn left, pass under 87, turn right on Wolf Rd.

3. Saturday, August 7, 7:30 pm: South Burlington VT

Comfort Inn & Suites5 Dorset St, S. Burlington VT 05403 •• (802) 863-5541

Exit 14 E off I-89 (University Mall exit), turn right at first light, hotel is behind Friendly’’s Restaurant.

4. Sunday, August 8, 1 pm: White River Junction VT / Lebanon NH area

Holiday Inn Express, 121 Ballardvale Rd, White River Junction VT 05001 •• (802) 299-2700

Exit 11 off I-91: if northbound, turn left on US-5 S, then left at Citgo; if southbound, turn right off exit, then left at Citgo.

5. Sunday, August 8, 7:30 pm: Keene NH

Holiday Inn Express, 175 Key Rd, Keene NH 03431 •• (603) 352-7616

From I-91: exit 3, take Rt 9 east, continue on Rtes 10 & 12 to traffic circle next to Wal-Mart Plaza, exit circle onto Winchester St, then turn left onto Key Rd.

From points east: Rt 101 west to same traffic circle, turn right on Winchester St, then left onto Key Rd.

From south, e.g. from Winchester: take Rt 10 north to same traffic circle, continue on Winchester St, turn left onto Key Rd;

from Richmond: take Rt 32 north to 101 west to same Wal-Mart Plaza traffic circle, turn right on Winchester St, then left on Key Rd; 

from Troy take Rt 12 north to 101 west, proceed as above. 

6. Monday, August 9, 7:30 pm: Manchester NH

Holiday Inn Express1298 S. Porter St, Manchester NH 03103 •• (603) 669-6800

Exit 1 off I-293: if northbound, turn right on S. Willow, then right on S. Porter; if southbound, turn left on Willow, then right on Porter.

7. Tuesday, August 10, 7:30 pm: Portland ME

Holiday Inn West81 Riverside St, Portland ME 04103 •• (207) 774-5601

Exit 48 off I-95, west on Larrabee Rd, turn left at light onto Riverside St, hotel is on left.

8. Wednesday, August 11, 7:30 pm: Fairhaven MA (New Bedford area)

Hampton Inn1 Hampton Way, Fairhaven MA 02719 •• (508) 990-8500

Exit 18 off I-195, proceed south on Rt 240, turn right at first light onto Bridge St, left at next light onto Alden Rd, hotel is on left.

9. Thursday, August 12, 7:30 pm: Warwick RI (Providence area)

Holiday Inn Express, 901 Jefferson Blvd, Warwick RI 02886 •• (401) 736-5000

Exit 13 off I-95, take Airport Connector Rd toward airport, turn right onto Jefferson Blvd, hotel is on right.

10. Saturday, August 14, 7:30 pm: Sharon MA (south shore of Boston area)

Holiday Inn Express, 395 Old Post Rd, Sharon MA 02067 •• (781) 784-1000

Exit 9 off I-95, turn south on Rt 1, then left at light.

11. Sunday, August 15, 1 pm: West Springfield MA

Clarion Hotel, 1080 Riverdale St, W. Springfield MA 01089 •• (413) 781-8750

From I-91 north or south: exit 13 B, turn right at light at end of exit ramp, hotel is 1/8 mile on right.

From I-90 east or west: exit 4, follow US-5 (Riverdale St) south, hotel is 1.25 miles on right.

12. Sunday, August 15, 7:30 pm: Fishkill NY (just south of Poughkeepsie, east of Newburgh)

Exciting debate! •• Includes Q & A from audience!

““Should Catholics Attend the New Mass?””

Affirmative: Vin Lewis, Catholic apologist; President, All Roads Ministry

Negative: Gerry Matatics, Traditional Catholic apologist; President, Biblical Foundations International

Holiday Inn, 542 Rt 9, Fishkill NY 12524 •• (845) 896-6281

Exit 13 N off I-84, turn north onto Rt 9, hotel is on right (visible from I-84).

Information relevant to any and all the above events:

People of all faiths (or none) are warmly welcome.

Bring your curiosity, your questions, and your friends.

There is a requested donation per event (to help cover costs) of $10 per person, with discounts of $15 per couple, or $20 for an entire family.

No one is ever turned away for lack of funds, however!

No pre-registration is required: simply pay at the door.

These talks are part of my 2006-2012 mega lecture tour of over 300 cities. For more information about this tour, including what cities I've already spoken in (over 160 already on this tour) and in what cities I will be speaking in days to come, look elsewhere on this site (, e-mail me at, call me at (570) 969-1724, or write to me at Biblical Foundations International, PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512.

By the time I'm done with this latest trip I will have spoken in 12 different cities in 11 days and put another 2000 miles on my car.

Why all of us need to do even more than we're already doing

I tremble for my country -- for my family, for yours, and for those of my other friends. Things are definitely going from bad to worse politically, economically, culturally, and spiritually.

Unlike the so-called conservatives who believe our biggest need is to overturn this or that law, abolish this or that government agency, get this or that person to run for president, or roll our country's ideals back to those of fifty, a hundred, or two hundred years ago (and I'm not against any of those things, per se, nor do I deny the limited good that such steps might accomplish), I know that our country will not survive unless we can introduce sufficient numbers to the supernatural life by persuading them to embrace the authentic Catholic Faith.

That's why I take these grueling, exhausting trips. And persuading people to convert is what happens on these trips, by the grace of God -- which makes the grueling, exhausting work and financial sacrifice all worth while.

There are many Biblical paradigms for how we need to relate to the lost, misguided souls around us. Allow me to briefly mention three.

Project Abraham, Project Jonah, Project Noah 

First, we need to fervently, persistently pray that God in His mercy will hold back His wrath from consuming our wicked nation, to protect our loved ones and to buy us more time to evangelize our and their neighbors. Thus Abraham interceded for God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah, where his nephew Lot lived. (See Genesis 18.) I call this "Project Abraham." 

Second, we need to fearlessly warn our land of God's imminent judgment unless it repents and converts, just as the prophet Jonah warned Nineveh. (See the Old Testament book that bears his name.) God may bless our witness and bring about a national repentance and conversion, as He did in Jonah's case. This would buy us much more time, of course. I call this "Project Jonah."

Jonah gave Nineveh 40 days to repent or be destroyed. Our Lord Jesus Christ (the New Covenant Jonah) through His own preaching and the subsequent preaching of His apostles gave Jerusalem (the New Nineveh) 40 years to repent or be destroyed. (See Matthew 12:39-41 and Matthew 24, especially verse 34). Jerusalem did NOT repent, of course, and so WAS destroyed by the Romans in AD 70.

I believe God may have similarly given apostate America approximately 40 years (a biblical generation's span) to repent of its legalized child murder, its gay marriages, its immoral wars, and its other abominations, or suffer His just wrath. If we consider the 1973 Roe vs. Supreme Court decision a significant milestone in our nation's history -- 37 years ago -- then we may be almost out of time! (I am no prophet, of course, and I simply offer this suggestion as a likely explanation of our country's current turmoil.)

Thirdly, we need to be energetically inviting people aboard the Ark of the Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation, just as Noah offered people refuge aboard the ark in his day. (See Genesis 6-7.) I mean of course the real Catholic Church, not the Vatican II counterfeit. Because, sooner or later -- depending upon the degree of our success (or lack thereof) at "Project Abraham" and "Project Jonah" -- the flood is infallibly going to fall. (See Our Lord's pertinent -- and terrifying -- comments in Matthew 24:37-39.) I call this third duty "Project Noah."

It is not a matter of choosing which of these three projects we will engage in: we must engage in all three simultaneously -- praying, proclaiming, and preserving. That is why I take these trips. And that is why I hope you will stand with me in continuing to make these trips possible by your generous prayers, promotion, and financial support.

Can you help?

First, please pray for my safety, and the success of this trip. Pray for good turnouts in every city and open-minded audiences.

Second, please forward a link to this article to any family or friends you have who live within an hour's drive of any of the above cities, and encourage them to attend. Or send them this link, to a PDF flier advertising this trip: If they don't have an e-mail address, you can print out the flier and hand or snail mail it to them.

Thirdly, please consider making a donation to help defray the expenses Biblical Foundations International has in its daily operations, including the carrying out of trips such as this one.

My next trip begins only a couple of weeks after I return from this one! I plan to fly into Spokane, Washington, rent a car, and drive and speak throughout Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado, flying back home out of Denver -- retracing the exact same itinerary I did nine years ago, September 9-16, 2001.

Our nation suffered the collective trauma of the still hotly-debated "9/11 attack" partway through that September 2001 trip of mine (the theme of which was America's need to wake up to its true standing before God!), while I was over two thousand miles away from my family. Regardless of who is finally revealed to have ultimately engineered that event, it was clearly a manifest judgment of Almighty God upon America for our moral corruption and spiritual hypocrisy.

When I drive my own car, as I do on every trip I take anywhere east of the Rockies, it costs roughly $300 or more for me to speak in each city: anywhere (depending upon the location) from $50 to $150 to rent the meeting space (usually at a Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn, or similar mid-range hotel), $75 to $100 for my sleeping room at the same hotel, $50 or so to advertise the talk by printing enough fliers and postage to mail to people on my mailing list who live in or near that city, $25 or so to cover the gas and tolls it costs to drive there from the previous night's city on that tour, a few bucks for a cheap meal or two for myself and whichever child or two of mine I bring along with me (to help me set up and manage my sales table of books and CDs while I'm speaking). 

When I fly out west (as I will in early September), there is of course an additional expense of airfare (even the cheapest coach ticket, at a supersaver fare with a 21-day advance purchase, still costs at least a couple of hundred dollars, depending upon the city I'm flying into), as well as a rental car once I land. On those trips, since I can't afford to buy an extra ticket in order to bring one of my children along, I simply go by myself and therefore have to do all the work.

In case you've been wondering why this is the first speaking tour of 2010, the answer is simple: there's been a dramatic decline in donations and sales over the last year and a half (due, no doubt in part, to the economy's downturn), resulting in a corresponding shortage of funds.

(That also was another reason why I wasn't able to update my website before now: my lack of funds forced me to spend time earning income that I otherwise could have spent writing for my website, which of course no one pays me to do.)

The severe reduction in income has definitely slowed down the pace of my megatour: I spoke in 44 cities in 2006, 42 in 2007, 53 in 2008 (an average of one a week!), but only 21 last year in 2009, and (if I complete both this and my September trip), only 24 cities this year. But I'm not giving up! 

What I can offer to those of you who can help

Please prayerfully consider helping to keep our "Project Abraham," "Project Jonah," "Project Noah" spiritual triathlon moving forward.

To everyone who donates at least $100, I will send a CD recording of the talk I'm delivering at every city on this particular trip: "Deadline 2012: Our Last Chance to Stop the New World Order -- Before It's Too Late."

If you can give at least $200, I'll send you not only the "Deadline 2012" talk but also a 2-CD album containing the recording of the debate I will have on August 15 with Catholic apologist Vin Lewis on whether Catholics should attend the New Mass. That might be a great tool for you to hand to a family member, friend, neighbor, or other acquaintance who attends the New Mass, to show them that that "Mass" is not what it pretends to be.

How to contact me 

If you can help, I do need to hear from you right away, as I need to begin signing contracts and paying for meeting space at the hotels I hope to speak at in my upcoming September trip through Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado.

If you can help, please click on the yellow "Make a Donation" button at the upper right of this website to use either PayPal or (if you don't have a PayPal account) your credit card to make a donation.

Or, you can call me at (570) 969-1724 and provide me with your credit card number, 3-digit security code (on the back of the card), and expiration date over the phone. If, when you call, you get my voicemail because I'm momentarily away from my desk (or on this trip!), just leave the information on my voicemail, which no one listens to but me. Don't forget to leave your name and mention any recent changes to your address or telephone number so I can a) promptly thank you for your donation and b) send you the recordings when I return from my lecture tour.

Finally, some of you still prefer to send a check or money order through the mail, and that's fine, too. Just make it payable to "Biblical Foundations International," and mail it to me at PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512.

May Almighty God abundantly bless and reward you for whatever you can do to help my 300-city megatour keep moving forward, city after city after city. If I did not believe with all my heart that our survival as a nation as well as the salvation of innumerable eternal souls truly hang in the balance at this moment in our history, and that as a consequence we are all called to do our part, however small, I would not undertake such arduous trips away from my family, and such a difficult, dangerous, and financially precarious career for the sake of spreading, with all my might, the sacred truth of our Catholic Faith and of reminding every single person of his or her obligation to live to the honor of the one true, triune God and in obedience to His holy law.

Yours in Christ our risen King and Mary our gloriously reigning Queen Mother,

Gerry Matatics, Founder & President

Biblical Foundations International

Updated On: August 2nd, 2010

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