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Deadline 2012: Triumph of the New World Order?

Deadline 2012: Triumph of the New World Order?

From Saturday, November 28, through Wednesday, December 16, my 300-city “megatour” will continue, bringing a dramatically modified version of my trademark talk on the counterfeit Catholicism and connected crises of our day to several cities in New Mexico, west Texas, Oklahoma, as well as an unexpected return to Virginia and Maryland – two states I had already previously swept on my megatour and to which I had therefore not planned (until now) to return.

In our disheartening age of spiritual apathy and blindness, there is widespread indifference to such key theological issues as the true nature of the Second Vatican Council, the nature of the New Mass, and the character of the men who have occupied the Vatican for the last fifty years. Betraying the worldly-mindedness of nearly all people, however – including most so-called “traditional Catholics” – there is an unprecedented level of interest in, and anxiety about, the economic, political, health, and other crises that seem to fill the daily headlines.

What is significantly lacking in the thinking of most people is a correct understanding of the relationship between these two realms. The cultural convulsions we are suffering are but the symptoms, the inevitable consequences, of the far deeper spiritual problem that afflicts our age and underlies all these societal ills.

I have consequently drastically reworked my “Counterfeit Catholicism” talk, now titled “Deadline 2012: Triumph of the New World Order?”, to address, and connect, both these layers of reality. Before I list here the various places I’ll be giving this new talk, let me give you a peek at some of  the new topics I’ll now be including in my presentation.

Increasing controversy swirls around the real origin of the H1N1 “swine” flu. Were there economic and political factors behind its appearance? Is it truly an epidemic, or are the media collaborating with the government to create mass panic regarding it, to justify mandatory, state-administered immunization of the entire population? If so, what do we already know about the stated eugenicist goals of the globalist elite that such worldwide enforced vaccinations could serve?

What of “Obamacare,” the nationalized health care plan that will give the government unprecedented control over issues of life and death (such as abortion and euthanasia), not to mention bankrupting our national economy in the “bargain” (so to speak)? What is the relationship between Obamanomics and the rejection by both socialists and laissez-faire capitalists of aspects of Biblical/classically Catholic teaching on money, property, employment, and other economic issues? How does enforced ignorance on the part of both socialists and modern capitalists of the true nature of such entities as the Federal Reserve, or ignorance of such multi-national, multi-generational money-manipulating dynasties as the Rothschilds and their various allies down through the centuries serve the cause of such entities, of such families, of the globalist elite? And why do most would-be world analysts fail to perceive the connection between these questions and the revolution launched at the Second Vatican Council, which has subtly empowered these destructive initiatives?

How many see that the proposed plan at next month’s Copenhagen Summit for a new one-world government agency to address supposed global warming is but a ploy to further enrich the international bankers and consolidate totalitarian power for the coming Antichrist under the guise of redistributing Western wealth to Third World countries?

And what of the ever-turbulent Middle East conflict? the clash of Zionism with militant Islam? the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? the seemingly imminent war against Iran? What of the blueprints for World War III, drawn up over a century ago by Freemasonry’s architects of the New World Order, as evidenced in Scottish Rite Supreme Commander Albert Pike’s famous letter? And how has the “War on Terror” been used to justify an all-encompassing government surveillance that aspires to a god-like omnipresence and omniscience, much like the all-seeing eye on the Great Seal of the United States, or like Big Brother in Orwell’s nightmarish dystopian classic, 1984?

On this point it is being evermore strenuously argued that, just as the only way to end world wars was to create the United Nations (not that that has actually worked!), so the only way to end religious strife & intolerance is to create a permanently sitting World Parliament of Religions, uniting all “faiths” under its syncretistic umbrella and ultimately combining the best elements of all these religions into one eco-friendly New Age belief system to which all will be required to subscribe or be punished as promoters of “hatred” and “intolerance.”

The push for the societal normalization of homosexuality has accelerated under Mr. Obama’s regime, and aggressive “hate crime” legislation now threatens to muzzle Christians and other upholders of traditional morality, thereby criminalizing those who are rightfully critical of unnatural behavior that was itself once criminal.

In my talk I will also be discussing popular literary and cinematic expressions of the New World Order mindset, such as Dan Brown’s latest novel, The Lost Symbol, which I immediately bought read as soon as it came out on September 15. Brown, while candidly revealing the Freemasonic origins of and inspiration behind Washington DC’s monuments and buildings, praises and promotes Freemasonry as the spiritual solution to all the religious strife in today’s world. In my talk I will read out a letter from Dan Brown in which he explicitly states this very thing, and I will of course discuss the role of secret societies and other occult forces in our current cultural subversion.

As for other literary as well as cinematic propaganda, I will be critiquing the film 2012 currently playing in theaters, as well as the slew of both scientific and spiritual (New Age) books touting the year 2012 (as predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar) as certain to witness a global cataclysm and/or massively transformational “consciousness shift” for the human race.

Other current crises will also be discussed and traced to their religious roots, since counterfeit politics and counterfeit economics always flow from counterfeit Catholicism and other false religious movements. I will explain why not only governmental tyranny and economic chaos but non-human, natural catastrophes – famine, freak weather, andother disasters, all of which are alarmingly on the rise – are the inevitable consequence of turning away from God, as Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 make clear.

Other issues covered will include the true age of the New World Order, its Luciferian paradigm, and its roots in paganism, Gnosticism, medieval magic and alchemy, the Kabbalah, the Knights Templar, Rosicrucianism, and the Illuminati.

The good news is that there is a real, viable solution within our reach to all these woes, which I outline in the closing section of the talk. The Q & A session following the talk provides the audience further opportunity to explore any issues in more depth, especially the practical question “What exactly can we do about all this?”

Here is where and when I’ll be giving the talk in these final weeks of 2009:

1. Saturday, November 28: private instruction in Santa Fe NM

2. Sunday, November 29, 7 pm: public lecture in Farmington NM

The Region Inn, 601 E. Broadway, Farmington NM 87401, phone (505) 325-1191.

The hotel is on E. Broadway Ave (Rt 64) at the east end of town, across the street from the Best Western Inn, just west of the intersection of Scott Ave & Broadway, itself just west of the Animas River Bridge.

3. Monday, November 30, 7 pm: public lecture in Albuquerque NM

Holiday Inn - Albuquerque Airport / University Area, 1501 Sunport Place SE, Albuquerque NM 87106, phone (505) 944-2255.

From I-25 north or south: take exit 221 (Sunport Blvd), immediately bear right to get to University Ave, at the end of the ramp turn left at light onto University Blvd, proceed beneath the overpass, and turn left onto Woodward. The hotel is on the left past the Homewood Suites.

4. Tuesday, December 1, 7 pm: public lecture in Silver City NM

Holiday Inn Express - Silver City, 1103 Superior St, Silver City NM 88061, phone (575) 538-2525.

From Las Cruces and points south: take I-10 west to Rt 180 north, after going through the first traffic light proceed 4-5 miles, turn left into Wendy’s. The hotel is behind Wendy’s.

From Albuquerque and points north: take I-25 south to exit 63, go west on Rt 152 to 180 north, then proceed as above.

5. Wednesday, December 2, 7 pm: public lecture in El Paso TX

Holiday Inn Express - El Paso Central, 409 E Missouri Ave, El Paso TX 79901, phone (915) 544-3333.

From New Mexico: take I-10 south to exit 19, proceed straight on the access road, turn right on Kansas. The hotel is on the left.

From points east: take I-10 north to exit 19-B, proceed straight on Missouri to the hotel, located on the corner of Missouri & Campbell.

6. Thursday, December 3, 7 pm: public lecture in Odessa TX

NOTE: Here, because of the large numbers of Baptists – both layfolk and pastors – who are likely to engage me in debate in the Q & A session in Odessa, which is bristling with Baptist churches which have been alerted to my arrival, and because I’ve never spoken in this area before, instead of my "Deadline 2012" talk I've been asked to tell my conversion story, “How the Bible Converted Me to Catholicism: One Protestant Minister’s Surprising Journey of Faith.”

Holiday Inn Odessa, 5275 E 42nd St, Odessa TX 79762, phone (432) 366-5900.

Take exit 121 off I-20, go north on Loop 338, go under the Rt 191 overpass, and turn left onto the access road. The hotel is on the right.

7. Friday, December 4, 7 pm: public lecture in Lubbock TX

Holiday Inn Express – Lubbock, 5806 I-27, Lubbock TX 79404, phone (806) 687-2500.

From I-27 northbound: take exit 1-B (50th St), cross over I-27, turn left onto the access road. The hotel is ¼ mile on the right.

From Amarillo and points north: take I-27 south to exit 1-B. The hotel is on the access road ¼ mile on the right.

8. Saturday, December 5, 12 noon: public lecture in Oklahoma City OK

Holiday Inn Express - Oklahoma City West I-240, 7601 C. A. Henderson Blvd, Oklahoma City OK 73139, phone (405) 631-3111.

From I-240 eastbound: take exit 2-A onto the frontage road, turn right onto C.A. Henderson Blvd. The hotel is on the right.

From I-240 westbound: take exit 2-A, turn left on Western Ave, right on Straka Terrace, go 2 blocks, turn right onto C. A. Henderson Blvd. The hotel is on the left, next to Krispy Kreme Donuts, and near the Red Lobster restaurant.

9. Saturday, December 5, 7 pm: public lecture in Tulsa OK

Holiday Inn Express - Tulsa / Catoosa East I-44, 18725 E. Admiral Place, Tulsa OK 74015, phone (918) 266-4100.

From I-44 eastbound: take exit 240-A, turn right on 193rd Ave E, then right on E Admiral Place. The hotel is on the right, across from Rolling Hills Shopping Center.

From I-44 westbound: take exit 240-A, turn left on 193rd Ave E, then right on E Admiral Place. The hotel is on the right, across from Rolling Hills Shopping Center.

10. Saturday, December 12, 7 pm: public lecture in Dulles VA (Washington DC area)

Washington Dulles Airport Marriott, 45020 Aviation Dr, Dulles VA 20166, phone (703) 471-9500.

From Washington DC/Arlington VA: take I-66 west to exit 67, take Dulles Airport access road westbound to the airport, turn right onto Aviation Dr just before the terminal. The hotel is on the right.

From the I-495 beltway: take exit 45, proceed west on Dulles access road as above.

From the west: take Route 7 or 267 east to Rt 28 south, or take Route 50 or I-66 east to Rt 28 north, turn west onto the airport access road, and proceed as above.

11. Sunday, December 13, daytime: Filming documentary on Masonic layout of Washington DC: guided tour for anyone interested. (Call or e-mail for details if interested.)

12. Monday, December 14, daytime: private instruction in Hebron MD

13. Monday, December 14, 7 pm: public lecture in Salisbury MD (eastern shore)

Holiday Inn Salisbury Downtown Area, 300 S. Salisbury Blvd (Rt 13), Salisbury MD 21801, phone (410) 546-4400.

Take Rt 50 east or west to Business Rt 13 south (Salisbury Blvd), go through the 1st light (Main St). The hotel is on the right, adjacent to the town Historic River Walk and the hospital (Peninsula Regional Medical Center).

From Delaware: take Rt 13 south to Business Rt 13 south, then proceed as above.

14. Tuesday, December 15– Wednesday, December 16: private instruction in Stewartstown PA

NOTE: You can view a PDF flier advertising the talks in NM and west TX by clicking here, a flier advertising the talks in OK by clicking here, and the talks in Virginia and Maryland by clicking here. You can also access these fliers in the“Upcoming Events” section of my website’s ( home page.

At each location the public talk is always followed by an open-ended Q & A session. Bring your questions and your friends! People of all faiths (or none) are warmly welcome!

There is a requested donation of $10 per person, $15 per couple, or $20 for the entire family. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds, however! No pre-registration is required: simply pay at the door.

Once the above talks are given, I will have spoken in over 150 cities and towns on my current megatour, and thus will already be halfway through the over 300 cities & towns I must return to, as I intend to re-visit, one last time, every place I have ever spoken throughout my career of nearly a quarter of a century career as a full-time Catholic apologist, in order to make in each place the case for classic or “consistent” Catholicism (i.e., both non-Vatican II and non-“traditionalist”).

The above itinerary will cost me nearly $5000 to complete. The plane ticket is $575 dollars (cheapest coach fare) because I fly into one city (Albuquerque) and out of another (Tulsa). The week-long car rental (cheapest economy car) is about $1000, again because the car is being picked up in one city and dropped off, after nearly 2000 miles of driving, in another city. (The drop-off charge, though steep, is unavoidable.) The meeting room at each of the ten hotels costs anywhere from $50 to $200 to rent (average is $100); the cheapest sleeping room at each hotel costs an average of $80. Gas for all the driving will cost a total of about $300. Mailing out fliers advertising the talks to the over 2,000 people on my mailing list residing in these areas has cost (including postage, printing costs, and envelopes) over $1000. One meal a day of cheap “fast food” and other incidental travel expenses will add another $100 to the total.

To be frank, I don’t have the $5000. In fact, we have no savings at all, and less than $100 in both our personal and Biblical Foundations’ checking accounts. But, after having had to postpone this trip several times already this year due to lack of sufficient funds, I am leaving on November 28 regardless, without the $5000 in hand, stepping out in total faith and putting all these expenses on my credit card, because I firmly believe that we are all obliged to use whatever talents and energy God gives us to share the Catholic Faith with our country before it’s too late and America falls under the wrath of God —as it surely will, unless we succeed in converting sufficient numbers to the true faith, as Jonah did, which moved God to spare Nineveh from the destruction Jonah originally had told them would fall “in forty days.”

(In a future essay here on my website I'll explain in detail why I think we need a concurrent three-pronged approach to the global crisis, and why I've nicknamed the three prongs of this strategy “Project Jonah,”“Project Abraham,” and “Project Noah.”)

Why am I willing to crawl out on a financial limb this way? I am willing to do so for the greater glory of God, for the good of eternal souls, for the honor of the Catholic Faith, and for the love of my country. But I am fervently praying that each Catholic reading these words will also be willing to help “back my play” by sending in as generous a donation as you can to help shoulder the burden of the costs of this trip. In this way you can share in the evangelistic work that Biblical Foundations International accomplishes, by the grace of God – sharing not only in the harvest of souls won to the Catholic Church but as well in the eternal reward God will give for your selfless and sacrificial support of this soul-saving work.

I am hoping and praying that there are fifty people out there who will be moved by supernatural charity towards God and towards the souls of their fellow human beings to each donate $100 to help fund this “missionary” trip for the salvation of our spiritually destitute nation. That would completely cover the costs of the trip – though it would not, of course, compensate me for my research and the talks themselves, or for my time away from my family and from my work at home, with the resultant loss of income due to my absence. But all that I am happy to contribute, as my offering to our Lord and to the Church.

Based on previous patterns of response to past appeals to support such trips undertaken by my apostolate, however, I realize I may not find fifty people who are each able to afford a $100 donation. Some will send far less: $10, or $25, or $50. And I may not get as many as fifty people to make a financial response of any size. That is why I am hoping that if some of you can give more than $100, you will prayerfully consider sending in $250, or $500, or even $1000 or more, to take up the slack of some of the many respondents who will send in far less than $100.

To everyone who can give $100 or more, I am willing to give you an hour of customized tutoring on the phone (as I already provide to some of our customers and supporters) on whatever theological topics you desire in the areas of Sacred Scripture, theology, apologetics, church history, Biblical Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc. – all of which I’ve taught at the university, graduate school, and seminary level at various institutions of higher learning.

I’ve also acquired, by dint of years of study and research, some competence in other fields which may be of interest to you, such as philosophy, canon law, moral theology, general history, politics and economics, and literature, among others.

I am happy to repay your generosity with whatever instruction I can offer you in these areas that you think would prove useful to you in your desire to become an informed and effective communicator of Catholic truth to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or fellow students. Knowledge is the only coin in which I can repay your kindness, I'm afraid; as St. Peter put it (Acts 3:6), “Silver and gold I have none, but what I have, I gladly give you.”

The quickest and easiest way to donate is simply to click on the gold button labeled “Make a Donation” found in the upper right corner of my website’s home page (, and use PayPal to make a donation by electronic transfer from your PayPal account. (If you don’t have a PayPal account, the page that clicking on the button takes you to allows you to open an account: it’s fast, easy, and absolutely free.)

If you prefer, you can donate by Visa or MasterCard by either calling me at (570) 969-1724, faxing me at (570) 969-1725, or e-mailing me at and providing me with your Visa or MasterCard number, expiration date, and the amount you wish to donate. (If doing so by e-mail, you might wish to send only the first half of your credit card number in one e-mail and the second half of  the card number, along with the expiration date, in a second e-mail, for security purposes, since e-mails are generally not as secure as the encrypted PayPal donation form on our website.)

If you prefer to pay by check or money order (payable to either “Gerry Matatics” or “Biblical Foundations International), please mail it to: Gerry Matatics, PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512. If you could get it to me by Friday, November 27 so that I might bank it before I leave (my flight departs at 6 am on Saturday, November 28), that would be wonderful.

If you absolutely cannot afford a donation of any size but need to buy Christmas presents to give to your loved ones, please consider visiting our online store at and checking out our selection of Catholic CDs and books. Each purchase from our online store, though not as helpful to us as a donation, still assists us in meeting our monthly financial obligations, and will help you as well by providing you or your loved ones with useful resources for deepening our Catholic faith.

However – and however much – you choose to donate, I look forward to hearing from you, if possible before I leave on Saturday,  November 28. Thank you for your prayerful consideration and your sacrificial support. May Almighty God richly reward you.

Yours for the conversion of America (and the world) to the one true Faith and the one true Church, outside of which there is no salvation,

Gerry Matatics, Founder & President

Biblical Foundations International

PS. Private, customized instruction, by phone or in person – as some families are receiving during the above itinerary – is available for your family or a group of families. For more information, please e-mail me at or, if you don’t have e-mail, call me at (570) 969-1724. 

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