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Apology, and deadline extended on new 25-CD set

Apology, and deadline extended on new 25-CD set

NOTE (added Sept 21): My deepest apologies for not having updated my website for the past few weeks. I had two separate week-long teaching assignments last month (August) that put my other work seriously behind schedule. I have been working 18-hour days ever since in an attempt to complete several urgent projects that will be available over the coming fall weeks: the new 25-CD set described below, a book on "the jurisdiction issue," a small book entitled A Friendly Letter to My Friends (and Others) Who Attend the Chapels of the SSPX, my new multimedia website (with mp3s and YouTube videos of my talks), a new CD reviewing Dan Brown's latest book, The Lost Symbol and exposing his Freemasonic agenda, and an "Open Letter to the Dimond Brothers" addressing not only their theological errors but their gravely sinful calumnies as well. And I have been attempting to do all this, in addition to all my regular daily duties and errands, including several unadvertised out-of-town trips, despite an injured leg and several other handicaps.

I will discuss all these matters in more detail in a new essay I will post here next Monday (September 28), God willing. In the meantime, I have retained here on my website the letter below but have extended until September 30 the deadline for obtaining at $50 below its sale price the new CD set it describes.


Thank you for your patience and prayers. May God in His mercy grant to us us all -- and to not only our friends but our enemies as well -- the grace to treat each other in a saintly fashion, to humbly admit and abjure our errors, to repent of our sins (such as calumny) and make whatever restitutions are called for, to share His truth without compromise and yet with charity and humility, and to spend our last ounce of strength and spill our last drop of blood for the Catholic Faith and Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

Dear Catholic Friend:


From August 3 to 8 in Philadelphia, to a small group of people meeting in a private home, I taught a crash course in Catholic apologetics that, step by step, systematically laid out the complete case for the truth about religious reality in our day. All 27 one-hour talks, with Q & A sessions, were digitally recorded. (Keep reading to find out how you can get them without having to purchase them.) 


The weeklong course, with a degree of detail I’d never before attempted, was entitled “Riding the Train of Truth All the Way to the End of the Line.” Its subtitle, long but helpfully descriptive, was, “How thinking anything logically leads to 1) belief in objective truth, which logically leads to 2) theism as the only coherent basis for objective truth, which logically leads to 3) Christianity as the only coherent theism, which logically leads to 4) Catholicism as the only coherent Christianity, which logically leads to 5) the rejection of the counterfeit catholicisms of both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ and the practice of recusant Catholicism as the only coherent Catholicism of our day.”


The talks started from “absolute zero,” spiritually speaking, so as to be able to convince someone who has no religious beliefs whatsoever — including even the most adamant atheist or agnostic.


Thus, my first talk began by making the rational case for the necessity of some provable objective truth outside the human seeker, since countless people in our day deny that any such truth exists.


We discussed whether religion, any religion, has the right to command anyone’s respect, or whether religion is just a lot of wishful thinking, a fairy tale for grownups, a tool for oppressing people or making money.


We examined the case for the existence of God, the existence of the soul, and the existence of an afterlife.


I also offered a refutation of atheism, including the “new atheism” of Richard Dawkins (author of The God Delusion) and Christopher Hitchens (author of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything), and discussed how science (the theory of evolution, etc.) is often used to attempt to discredit, or at least radically revise, religious truth.


At the end of that first day we arrived at the first checkpoint on the train ride of truth: the inescapable truth of theism (belief in God).


On the second day, having now established the truth of theism, we next grappled with the difficulty that there are various religions all claiming to be theistic (Judaism, Islam, etc.) and demonstrated, historically and logically, that Christianity is the one true theistic religion. We did so by examining the evidence for the trustworthiness of the New Testament and for the divinity and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


This brought us into the second station on our train trip: the truth of the Christian Faith (belief in Christ).


On the third day, having now established the truth of Christianity, we next faced the fact that there are thousands of “churches” claiming to be Christ's divinely instituted Church and faithful to the message of Scripture. We showed why all but one of them are not what they claim to be, despite what they may zealously believe.


In the process we exposed the errors of not only Eastern “Orthodoxy” and the varieties of Protestantism but also one of the more popular pseudo-Christian cults: Mormonism. By way of contrast to these erroneous entities, we laid out the historical and theological case for Christ’s one true Church, which brought us to our third junction: the truth of Roman Catholicism (belief in the Church).


However, we live in an age of unprecedented confusion about Catholicism, due to the widespread proliferation of various counterfeit catholicisms and the consequent “disguised apostasy” of untold millions who still profess to be Catholic while in fact espousing what is an alien religion. Because of this, our journey was not yet completed and our goal — to arrive at the final station at the end of the line — was not yet achieved merely by demonstrating the truth of Catholicism.


On the fourth day therefore, having established the truth of Catholicism, we needed to examine the false faith foisted upon the world by the Masonically planned and engineered revolution known as the Second Vatican Council.


We exposed the post-conciliar “counterfeit Catholicism” embodied in the new “mass” and new sacraments, new catechism, and new code of canon law, and exposed the men (John XXIII through Benedict XVI) who invalidly promulgated and promoted these things as heretics who therefore could not possibly be true popes.


(That fourth day’s talks, by the way, once they’re edited and released this fall, will constitute a new, third edition of our best selling 6-CD set on “Counterfeit Catholicism,” superseding the second edition we currently sell, which was delivered and recorded a bit over a year ago — June 28, 2008 — in Orange County, California; the first edition was delivered on September 15, 2007 in Indianapolis.)


But even then our task wasn’t done, since Satan easily foresaw that many tradition-minded Catholics wouldn’t fall for the neo-Catholicism of the last fifty years. Our infernal Enemy knew that he would need a snare on the “right” to spiritual seduce these folks as well. (Sacred Scripture records Our Lord warning “even the elect” about the very real possibility of being led astray by the deceptions of the last days.)


The fifth day therefore rigorously examined various counterfeit catholicisms of the Right, examining the origins, history, beliefs, validity and legality of such groups as the SSPX, SSPV, CMRI, MHFM, as well as various individuals.


This was, predictably, the most controversial topic of all, as so many “traditional Catholics” in our day are unwilling to objectively and unemotionally examine their partisan attachment to their particular group or “guru,” their local chapel, or their favorite priest. I have found that, sadly, people are fearful of being dislodged from their various comfort zones, even when there is evidence that what they are being offered is unorthodox, (canonically) illegal, and in some cases even invalid.


In contrast to such illicit traditionalism, the examples of the recusants during the English “Reformation,” the Catholics in Japan during the 16th-19th centuries, and other similarly relevant parallel situations in Church history were discussed as furnishing a viable model for living a law-abiding Catholic Faith in our day and passing that Faith on to our children and other loved ones. 

The entire course will be released on 25 audio CDs and will be available for purchase later this fall (probably October). Though I sell single CDs for $10 each, I always sell multi-CD sets at a discount. (Thus, my two-CD talks such as “Every King Has a Queen Mother” or “How to Keep Your Kids Catholic” sell for only $15, not $20. Likewise, my 6-CD set “Counterfeit Catholicism” sells for only $40, not $60, and my 8-CD sets on “The Plot Against the Church, Part One” and “The Plot Against the Church, Part Two” each sell for only $50, not $80. See our online store at to purchase these or any of our other recordings or books.)


I plan to sell this entire 25-CD set for only $150, as it’s over three times the amount of CDs as my 8-CD “Plot Against the Church” sets, which sell for $50.


However, for a limited time (through September 30), I can let you have this new 25-CD set — the largest, most ambitious, most comprehensive and detailed set of recordings I’ve ever done in my 23-year career as a Catholic apologist, theologian, and Scripture scholar — before it’s released to the general public, if you can help me acquire the funds I need for my fall “megatour” lecture trips by sending me a $100 donation now. That will save you $50 off the cost of the entire set, a 33% discount.


I already plan to speak (God willing) over the next six to eight months in Alaska (the only state in the US I’ve never yet spoken in), as well as in Washington State, Oregon, southern Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, west Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Hawaii, the greater Albany (New York) area, Vermont, western Massachusetts, and central and western New Hampshire, in order to complete my entire 50-state megatour. (I’ve already given my megatour talk on “counterfeit Catholicism” in all the other states, in nearly 150 cities!)


If I can acquire the funds needed to make it to each of these places in the next 6-8 months, this would complete my entire US megatour three years ahead of schedule: I’d earlier thought revisiting one last time every place I’d ever spoken would take me until the end of 2012. 


Unfortunately my last lecture tour, during which I spoke in 9 cities in 6 Midwestern states during the last two weeks of May, completely wiped out my megatour budget. As a result, I don’t have any money left to rent the meeting rooms, purchase my airfares, or pay for the rental cars, gas, meals, and lodging required to complete my itinerary through the 20 states listed above. 


By doing everything as inexpensively as possible, I can get to every destination remaining on my itinerary (over 40 cities!) for just under $10,000 — an expense of less than $250 per city. That $250 covers the costs of renting meeting space at each hotel, getting there by plane (super-saver economy fare) and/or economy rental car, advertising, and cheap meals and lodging.


Unlike many other Catholic speakers, I don’t fly first class, stay in fancy hotels, or dine at expensive restaurants. I always get budget accommodations, often staying for free by using “frequent lodger” points I’ve accumulated. I sometimes save even more money by leaving after giving an evening talk in one city and simply driving through the night to the next city, so as to save the expense of a hotel room for that evening. As for meals on trips, I usually stay at motels that include a free breakfast, and for lunch I grab (healthy) fast food, or eat groceries in the car, or even skip lunch altogether in my effort to pinch every penny.


I don't believe anyone else in the entire country does quite what I do full-time, traveling and speaking about real Catholicism and exposing counterfeit catholicism, and does it as much, and yet as inexpensively, as I do.


I’m hoping I can interest one hundred recipients of this letter in each sending a sacrificial $100 donation, thus enabling me to raise the $10,000 (100 donors x $100 each) that I need to continue and complete my megatour this fall. If you can send more, God bless you! If you can send $200, I’ll send you two sets of the complete 25-CD “Riding the Train of Truth All the Way to the End of the Line” set. If you can send $300, I’ll send you three sets, and so forth. And the shipping and handling, however many sets you request, is on me. (If you live in the US; I’m afraid I have to ask those living outside the US to please add $20 for International Air Mail postage.)


But, please, I really need to hear from you today. This is no melodramatic hype or high-pressure tactic: if I’m to speak in Alaska, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Utah, or Colorado this fall, I need to buy the airfare immediately, so I can get there before the snow and ice start wreaking havoc with air and road travel. And when I speak in those states I want to have the funds to drive, as part of the same trip, to whatever adjacent states I still need to speak in, to save both time and money.


The quickest way to send your $100 (or $200 or $300) donation is to use the orange button marked “Make a Donation” on the home page of my website ( This will allow you to use PayPal or your Visa or MasterCard to make a secure online donation.


You can also call me at (570) 969-1724. If I’m away from my desk when you call and you get my voicemail, please leave your Visa or MasterCard number and expiration date, indicate the amount you wish to donate, and spell out your complete name and the mailing address you wish me to send the 25-CD set to, leaving your phone number in case I have any questions. Or you can fax me at (570) 969-1724 and provide the same information.


A final option would be to send a check or money order, postmarked no later than September 30, payable to either “Biblical Foundations International” or “Gerry Matatics,” to me at PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512. If you decide to pay this way, please call me at (570) 969-1724 by September 30 or send me a quick e-mail at by September 30 to let me know your donation is on its way. Even if your check physically gets here after September 30, I’ll still honor the $100 offer provided your envelope is postmarked by September 30 and you’ve emailed or called me by then to let me know it’s on its way.


Whichever method you use, if you wish to receive an advance copy of the 25-CD set for each $100 you donate, you need to get your donation -- or at least notification that it’s on its way -- to me no later than August 31. After September 30 the set will only be available for purchase when it comes out later this fall, at $150 (not $100) a set.


I know that times are tough. Our family of eleven is furiously scrambling to sell many of our possessions, and we are cutting every conceivable cost just to pay down the credit card debts incurred by my lecture tours, whose expenses often exceed their income. We are struggling to financially survive, just like so many of our customers and donors. That’s why I want to help you save the additional $50 by making you this limited-time offer.


Thank you for generously assisting Biblical Foundations International, now in its 19th year! Our unwavering mission is to spread the case for unadulterated Catholicism and to warn people about the various counterfeit catholicisms of our day, across our needy nation and around the world, before God's global judgment falls.


May the one true God – Father, Son, and Holy Ghost -- richly reward you for your sacrificial support. I pledge you my love and my prayers and support in return. We remember all our donors and their loved ones, living and deceased, every day in our family rosary. God bless you.


Your grateful friend and servant in Christ Jesus our King and Mary our Queen Mother,


Gerry Matatics, Founder & President

Biblical Foundations International


Updated On: September 22nd, 2009

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