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NEW schedule for Skype class on "Liturgical Year" and Facebook Live class on "Christian Social Principles"

NEW schedule for Skype class on "Liturgical Year" and Facebook Live class on "Christian Social Principles"

From now on the schedule for the weekly Skype class on Dom Guéranger's The Liturgical Year and the semiweekly (i.e., twice a week) Facebook Live class on Sr. Mary Consilia O'Brien's book Christian Social Principles will be as follows:

1) Every Wednesday and Saturday evening at 8:30 pm Eastern Time, please go to my "public figure" Facebook page to join us for the next Facebook Live broadcast as we go through Sr. Mary Consilia O'Brien's book Christian Social Principles.

If you have trouble finding my "public figure" page on, just type the following URL into your web browser:

Please note: this Saturday (Dec 3) at 5 pm Eastern Time I will first be re-doing Lecture #1, which I originally recorded and posted last Sunday, November 27. When I watched it later I -- who am somewhat of a perfectionist -- felt that, because it was my first Facebook Live broadcast, I didn’t do as good a job as I could have looking directly at the camera, keeping up with the comments people were texting to me live during the broadcast, etc.


To repeat: this new version of Lecture #1 will be broadcast and recorded live by me via Facebook Live this Saturday afternoon (December 3) at 5 pm Eastern Time on my Facebook Page, for any who may care to watch it live and interact with it. If that time is not convenient for you it will be immediately posted on the Facebook page at the conclusion of the live broadcast, as will all the subsequent lectures, for you to watch at whatever time and on whatever day is most convenient for you. 


Then at 8:30 pm later that same evening I'll be broadcasting Lecture #2.


As I’ve previously mentioned both on this website ( and on my Facebook page, a couple of my online students have scanned the entire 640-page book written by Sr. O’Brien into a free PDF that you can download here:…/Christian%20Social%20Principles.pdf

or here:…/Christian%20Social%20Pr….


Also as previously stated, nicely-bound photocopies of the book are also available from me for $30 plus $7 Priority Mail shipping and handling. Contact me at or (570) 969-1724 if you wish one.

I strongly suggest you read each chapter of the book before each lecture, as it might take you a couple of passes through the material for you to fully take it all in.

2) Every Sunday evening at 8:30 pm Eastern Time a small group of us will be meeting by Skype to discuss the readings of the previous week in Dom Guéranger's The Liturgical Year.


This Sunday, December 4, will be our premiere session, in which we will discuss the readings for the First Sunday of Advent, the readings for the weekdays of the first week of Advent, and the readings for that day, the Second Sunday of Advent.


(The following Sunday, December 11, we’ll discuss the reading for the second week of Advent culminating in and including the readings for the Third Sunday of Advent, and so forth on each successive Sunday.)

Dom Guéranger's 15-volume masterpiece can be purchased from our online store at This justly-famous Catholic resource would make an unparalleled Christmas present for your entire family, but open it early so you can join us for our discussions of the readings during Advent!


You can also read it online at:


It is even more imperative (than in the case of the Wednesday and Saturday lectures on Christian Social Principles) that you read these readings before each meeting, because (unlike the Wednesday and Saturday meetings where we read the text of that week’s chapter in Sr. O’Brien’s book in full, as well as comment upon it), we will NOT be reading the full text of the readings of Guéranger during the Skype session; we will presume people are already familiar with the readings and will simply be discussing them (although obviously we’ll be quoting passages we think need to be emphasized or are worthy of particular comment).

To join these discussions of Guéranger you will need to open up a Skype account if you don’t already have one (just go to to set up a free account and download the free app), and then you must send a contact request to my Skype handle (Gerry Matatics) so that I can include you in the call.

I am thinking of simultaneously broadcasting these Guéranger sessions not only on Skype but on Facebook Live as well for the sake of those who cannot meet with us at that time but would like to benefit from the discussions.

See you then!

In Christ our coming King and Mary our Queen Mother,

Gerry Matatics  


Updated On: December 3rd, 2016

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