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Come hear me on my FINAL road trip (Sept. 27 - Oct 26, 2010)

Come hear me on my FINAL road trip (Sept. 27 - Oct 26, 2010)

Dear Friend:

By the time you read this, I will have left (on Monday, September 27) on a grueling 30-day, 30-city, 20-state, 9500-mile road trip -- my longest, most ambitious, most arduous lecture tour ever, and the penultimate chapter in my self-sponsored five-year "megatour" of the 200 most important cities in all 50 states of the US, during which I'll have returned one last time to every place I've ever spoken in our country over the past 20 years. ("Penultimate," the word I used in the previous sentence, means "next to last." The final chapter will take place this coming spring, God willing, when I fly to Alaska and Hawaii to speak in both states. That trip will complete my entire megatour -- two years ahead of schedule.) 

Some of you reading this letter live in, or next to, one of the 13 states I'm publicly speaking in on this September 27 - October 26 trip: Ohio, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington. If you do, I hope you'll come to hear me, as I speak on the theme "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda." As far as any plans I have, this will be the very last time I'll ever be speaking in your state. I believe this talk contains shocking information that could literally spell the difference between life and death, and salvation and damnation -- information I very much wish to share with you and your loved ones. (Keep reading to find out how you can get a CD recording of this talk, especially if you can't hear it in person.)

NOTE: Due to limited seating at each location on this, my final lecture tour, you must pre-register (something I haven't ever required before). You can do so either by calling me at (570) 969-1724 or emailing me at, and giving me your name and address, the number in your party who will attend, and your telephone number and email address (if you have one). Without this I cannot guarantee you a seat. From each person wishing to attend a $10 donation is requested (just to cover our expenses in renting the meeting room), with discounts of $15 for a couple and $20 for an entire family. You can pay with cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. 

If you yourself don't live in, or next to, one of these 13 states but have family or friends who do, please forward this email to them so that they might hear this crucial talk. If they don't have email, you could print this letter out and mail or fax it to them, or you could simply call them up and read over the phone to them the date and venue nearest them.

And whether you come to my talk (or encourage someone you love to come to it) or not, would you please, in your charity, say a prayer that Almighty God will both keep me safe and, more importantly, grant many graces to those who will attend these talks? Perhaps as you read the following itinerary and learn of the self-punishing schedule I'll be keeping over the next 30 days, as well as the strategic opportunities I'll have to reach key individuals with the full truth about what's going on in our day, you'll understand why my family and I have been praying more intensely about this trip than about anyother trip I've taken in my entire life.

1. On Monday, September 27, I drive 7 hours from my home in Scranton, Pennsylvania to Oberlin College and Conservatory in Oberlin, Ohio, to address at 8pm the students and faculty who will attend my campus talkon "How the Bible Converted Me to Catholicism: One Protestant Minister's Surprising Journey of Faith." (This is the only time on this entire trip I'm speaking on my conversion, which I've chosen to do in Oberlin for reasons I explain in the next two paragraphs; at every other stop I'm speaking on "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda," the theme with which I'm concluding my megatour.)

Oberlin holds a unique place in the history of our nation, in part because its second president, Charles Grandison Finney, was the "Father of Modern Revivalism" (the Billy Graham of his day) and a major figure in what is known as "the Second Great Awakening." Finney was a huge hero of mine when I was a Protestant, and I read and re-read (and practically memorized) his classic Lectures on the Revival of Religion, one of the most important works of 19th-century America.

Some of you may recall the amazing opportunity I had some years ago to speak on my conversion to Catholicism to an audience of hundreds of students and faculty members at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, a Protestant school of similar historic significance. You may recall the impact it had, by God's grace, on many lives, including many fervent anti-Catholics -- in particular one anti-Catholic young man whoas a result of the talk converted from Protestantism to Catholicism, and entered a traditional Catholic seminary to study for the priesthood. (Since then I've come to better understand the problematic nature of a young man pursuing a calling to the priesthood today, but that's another matter, for another essay.)

My hope is that this talk at Oberlin, also to a largely Protestant audience, will have a similar impact. Please pray for this! For those living in northeast Ohio who might wish to attend, here are the location details:

Talk: "How the Bible Converted Me to Catholicism: One Protestant Minister's Surprising Journey of Faith"
Time: Monday, September 27, 8 pm
Place: Barnard House, Oberlin College, 148 North Professor St, Oberlin OH 44074. No phone number to call.
Directions: From I-80/90 take exit 140, go south on Route 58 for 6 miles (becomes Main St in Oberlin, turn right onto Union St, then left on North Professor St, and Barnard House is the 3rd building on your right. Parking is available on Union St and other nearby streets, or across the street from Barnard in the campus parking lot behind Stevenson Hall once you've obtained a temporary parking pass from us at Barnard House.

Every talk I give is always followed by a Q & A session. As at the Furman talk, this time too I'll doubtless get dozens of challenges from the Protestants present to demonstrate the Biblical basis for purgatory, the papacy, prayers to saints, the perpetual virginity of Mary, etc. etc., and I'll stay as long as it takes to answer them all.  Whenever it finally ends, I have an 11-hour drive (over 600 miles) to my next venue, Winona, Minnesota. I'll drive for at least a couple of hours that same Monday night (for a total of 9 or more hours driving that day) and complete the remaining 9.5 or so hours the next day, arriving late Tuesday night.

2. The following day, Wednesday, September29, I'll first spend several hours in an extremely high-level private conversation with someone in Winona, Minnesota. Discretion dictates that I not disclose his identity at this time -- but stay tuned for any interesting developments!

3. Later that evening -- still in Winona MN --I'll give, for the first of 27 times on this trip, my public talk on 2012 and the New World Order:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Wednesday, September 29, 7 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 1128 Homer Rd, Winona MN 55897, phone: (507) 474-1700
Directions: From I-90 take exit 252, go north on MN 43 for 6.5 miles, turn right onto Homer Rd, hotel will be on left.

4. After my talk that night I'll drive 120 miles to Stillwater, Minnesota, where over the next two days and evenings I'll have several private conversations with individuals regarding the pregnant parallels between the English so-called "Reformation" of the 16th century and the re-engineered and globally-distributed version of this virus unleashed at the revolutionary Second Vatican Council in the 1960s.

One of these meetings will be a private dinner at the home of a man who's one of the top Catholic leaders, thinkers, speakers, authors, and television personalities in the country; another will be with an important traditionalist publisher and leader I've known for nearly aquarter of a century. Please pray for these meetings, and I may have some interesting news to share with you later in October.

5. The next morning after these two days of private meetings I will speak in Roseville, a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Saturday, October 2, 1 pm
Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Roseville, 2715 Long Lake Rd, Roseville MN 55113, phone (651)636-5800.

 From I-35W southbound take exit 24; hotel is at end of ramp. From I-35W northboundtake exit 24, and after exit ramp curls underneath I-35W turn right at light onto Long Lake Rd, hotel is 1 block down on left

6. Immediately after the talk (and Q & A session, of course) I jump in my car and drive the 72 miles to St. Cloud, Minnesota and give the talk again:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Saturday, October 2, 7:30 pm
Place: Holiday Inn, 75 South 37th Ave, St. Cloud MN 56301, phone (320) 253-9000.
Directions: From I-94 take exit 167B, proceed north on MN-15 N for 4.3 miles, turn right onto Division St, then 1st right onto 37th Ave S; hotel is on right.

7. Whenever the Q & A session ends (more often than not those sessions go to midnight or even later, for those who wish to stay that long!) I then drive another 181 miles (3 hours) to Fargo, North Dakota (probably arriving past 3 am), where I speak the next afternoon:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Sunday, October 3, 1 pm
Place: Holiday Inn, 3803 - 13th Ave S, Fargo ND 58103, phone (701) 282-2700.
Directions: From I-29 southbound take exit 64, hotel is right in front of you. From I-29 northbound take exit 64, left at 4-way traffic light at end of exit ramp to cross underneath I-29, headwest for 1 block, hotel is on right.

8. As soon as I'm done I immediately drive 200 miles (3.5 hours) to the capital of North Dakota, Bismarck, and give the talk again:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Sunday, October 3, 8 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 3001 N 15th St, Bismarck ND 58503, phone (701) 221-0850.
Directions: Exit 159 off I-94, go north on US 83 N/ 12th St NE / State St, take 2nd right onto E Century Ave, then left at N 15th St, hotel is 400 ft on right.

The location of my next talk, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, is 925 miles from Bismarck: a 15-hour drive west across the rest of North Dakota, across the entire width of Montana, over the Rocky Mountains (please pray that a snowstorm, common there in October, doesn't delay my passage), and into the Idaho panhandle. (I already took my megatour throughout the state of Montana for an entire week in October 2006, so I don't need to speak there on this trip.) Rather than do all 15 hours of driving the next day (Monday, October 4), I've decided, after my talk in Bismarck is over, to drive another 271 miles (over 4 hours) that same night to Miles City, Montana, probably arriving about 3 or 4 am, making a total of 8 hours andnearly 500 miles of driving that day. This leaves "only" 653 miles (about 10.5 hours) of driving to do during Monday, arriving in Coeur d'Alene very late that night.

9. On Tuesday, October 5, I have private discussions throughout the day with individuals in Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and give my public talk that evening in Coeur d'Alene:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Tuesday, October 5, 7 pm
Place: Best Western Inn, 506 W Appleway Ave, Coeur d'Alene ID 83814, phone (208) 765-3200.
Directions: From I-90 take exit 12, go north on Rt 95, left on Appleway; hotel is behind Mobil service station. If taking Rt 95 north or south to Coeur d'Alene, turn west on Appleway just north of I-90.

10. On Wednesday, October 6, I drive only 45 minutes (a light driving day -- for a pleasant change! -- but packed with private conversations) to Spokane, Washington and give the same talk there at 7:30 pm:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Wednesday, October 6, 7:30 pm
Place: Quality Inn Oakwood, 7919 North Division St, Spokane WA 99208, phone (509) 467-4900.
Directions: Take exit 281 N off I-90, proceed north 7.5 miles on US 395/US 2; hotel is on left just past W. Cascade Way (tothe left) and E Lincoln Rd (to the right).

NOTE: Besides my public talks, many of my discussions on these two days (and questions in the Q & A sessions, no doubt) will revolve around why I no longer attend the Masses offered by the clergy the SSPX and CMRI (though I once did in years gone by), as these two cities (Post Falls ID and Spokane WA) are major centers of these two groups; I hope to have discussions with the clergy of both these groups as well, and perhaps lay the foundations for a future friendly public debate on this issue with them. (I attempted to get clergy from both groups to have public debates with me on this trip, but so far have been unsuccessful in getting them to agree to do so.)

The Quality Inn was selected as the site of the Spokane talk, partly because it's where I spoke the last time I spoke in Spokane in October 2006, and partly because it's the closest hotel to Mt. St. Michael's, the CMRI's headquarters, which is hosting its annual Fatima conference during that week (October 6-10) -- a conference I had spoken at in the past, in the days when I used to attend CMRI chapels. The hotel is only a few minutes drive west from Mt. St. Michael's, and the talk is scheduled at 7:30 pm to enable people to attend after the dinner that Wednesday evening at the Fatima conference, as some CMRI people wish to hear what I have to say about 2012 and the New World Order, and may be curious as to why I no longer approach CMRI clergy for Mass and the sacraments, which they are free to ask about during the Q & A session; CMRI clergy are warmly invited to attend as well. 

Directions to the hotel from Mt. St.Michael's: head southwest on N St. Michael's Rd, which after turning right becomes E Lincoln Rd, turn right at N Freya St, continue on E Magnesium Rd for 2 miles, turn left at N Division St, hotel is 0.5 mi on right. 10 minutes or less driving time.

11. The next day, Thursday, October 7, I drive 300 miles (5 hours) to the  Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area and speak there:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Thursday, October 7, 7 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Seattle - Sea-Tac Airport, 19621 International Blvd, SeaTac WA 98188, phone (206) 824-3200.
Directions: Exit 152 off I-5, go west on S 188th St for 1 mile, turn left onto International Blvd, hotel is 0.5 mi on right.

12. The next day, Friday, October 8, I drive 160 miles (nearly 3 hours) to Portland, Oregon and speak there:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Friday, October 8, 7 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express Portland Airport, 11938 NE Airport Way, Portland OR 97220, phone (503) 251-9991
Directions: Exit 24B off I-205 northbound, go 0.5 mile east on AirPort Way, hotel is on right. Off I-205 southbound take exit 24, left onto Airport Way, hotel is 0.5 mi on right.

13. The next day, Saturday, October 9, I drive from Portland to Veneta, Oregon, and speak there at 2 pm:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Saturday, October 9, 2 pm
Place: Our Daily Bread Restaurant, 88170 Territorial Rd, Veneta OR 97487, phone (541) 935-4921.
Directions: From I-5 north or south take exit 195B toward Florence, take Belt Line Rd (OR Rt 569) west all the way to the end (10 miles), turn right onto OR126 W / W 11th St, go west 9 miles, then left onto Territorial Rd; Our Daily Bread Restaurant is 0.3 mi on right. Ask for Parsonage private dining room.

14. The same day (Saturday, October 9) I then drive 15 minutes to nearby Eugene, Oregon and give the talk again at 7 pm:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time:  Saturday, October 9, 7 pm
Place: Hampton Inn, 3780 W. 11th Ave, Eugene OR 97402, phone (541) 431-1225
Directions: From I-5 north or south take exit 195B toward Florence, take Belt Line Rd (OR Rt 569) west all the way to the end (10 miles), turn left (east) onto OR 126 W / W 11th St, hotel is 1 mi on right. From Veneta: Take OR 126 E/Rt F east 10 miles (becomes W 11th Ave in Eugene), hotel is on right.

After my talk in Eugene OR that evening I start driving across the entire state of Oregon (9 hours, 450 miles) to get to Boise, Idaho, where I speak at 1:30 pm the next afternoon. If I've got the energy I'll drive through the night. If not I'll stop part way, either in Bend, Oregon after 2.5 hours (117 miles) around 1 or 2 am, or perhaps in Burns, Oregon after 5.5 hours (250 miles, all along a remote stretch of highway, not an interstate) around 4 or 5 am, snatch 3 hours sleep, and get back on the road again to drive the remaining 3 to 6 hours (depending on where I stop, if I stop) that morning to Boise.

15. That morning, Sunday, October 10, as soon as I hit Boise, Idaho,  I'll set up and speak at 1:30 pm:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Sunday, October 10, 1:30 pm
Place: Cambria Suites Boise Airport, 2970 W Elder St, Boise ID 83705  (208) 344-7444
Directions: Take exit 53 off I-84, go north on Vista Ave, then 1st left on W Elder St, hotel is 0.2 mile on right.

16. After the talk I then drive 2 more hours (124 miles) to Twin Falls, Idaho and speak again that evening  (still Sunday, October 10):

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Sunday, October 10, 7:30 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express, 1554 Fillmore St, Twin Falls ID 83301, phone (208) 732-6001
Directions: Take exit 173 off I-84, go south on US93 for 4 mi, turn right at 2nd stop light onto Pole Line Rd W, then left onto Fillmore St, hotel is on left.

17. The next day, Monday, October 11, I drive 165 miles (nearly 3 hours) to Idaho Falls, Idaho and speak there: 

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Monday, October 11, 7 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express, 2270 Channing Way, Idaho Falls ID 83404, phone (208) 542-9800
Directions: Take exit 116 off I-15, proceed straight on Sunnyside Rd about 4 miles, turn left at hospital onto Channing Way, hotel is 0.7 mi on left.

18. The next day, Tuesday, October 12, I drive nearly 4 hours (221 miles) to speak in Salt Lake City,Utah:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time:  Tuesday, October 12, 7 pm
Place: Staybridge Suites, 3038 S Decker Lake Dr, West Valley City UT 84119, phone (801) 746-8400
Directions: From I-215 southbound take exit 18, left at light onto 3500 S (UT 171), left at Decker Lake Dr, slight left at 3100 S followed by immediate right onto access road leading into hotel complex. From I-215 northbound take exit 18, turn right at light at end of ramp, then proceed as above.

19. The next day, Wednesday, October 13, I drive over 8 hours (520 miles) to speak in Reno, Nevada:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time:  Wednesday, October 13, 7 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Reno Airport, 2375 Market St, Reno NV 89502, phone (775) 229-7070
Directions: From I-80 take exit 15, go south on I-580 S / US 395 S, take exit 66, turn right onto Mill St, immediate left onto Louise St, left onto Market St, hotel is on right. From US-395 northbound: Take Plumb Ln exit, turn right on Plumb, left on Terminal Way, left on Vassar St to cross under I-580/395, right on Market St, hotel is on left.

20. The next day, Thursday, October 14, I drive another 8 hours (nearly 500 miles) to give the talk in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Thursday, October 14, 7 pm
Place: Staybridge Suites, 5735 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas NV 89118, phone (702) 259-2663
Directions: From I-15 take exit 36, go west on W Russell Rd, then take 1st left onto Dean Martin Dr, hotel is right there.

21. On Friday, October 15, I drive 9 hours (560 miles) -- Google Maps warns it could take 15.5 hours in traffic! -- round-trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, California and back, all in the same day, in order to have a private meeting with some individuals in LA. 

22. After that 9-to-15-hour round trip I immediately start driving another 9.5 hours (600 miles) that same day up to Rock Springs, Wyoming to speak at a private brunch meeting the following morning (Saturday, October 16)

23. I then drive another 4 hours (258 miles) that same day (Saturday, October16) to Cheyenne, Wyoming to speak that evening:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Saturday, October 16, 7:30 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express, 1741 Fleischli Parkway, Cheyenne WY 82001, phone (307) 433-0751
Directions: From I-25 north or south take exit 9, turn left onto Lincolnway (US Rt 30), then left at 1st stop light onto Fleischli, hotel is 100 yards on right.

After the talk I will drive another 3 hours (161 miles) that same night, past Denver, down to Colorado Springs, Colorado to sleep there for the night -- or what little remains of the night.

23. The next day, Sunday, October 17, I first speak in Colorado Springs, Colorado at 1 pm:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time:  Sunday, October 17, 1 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express, CO Springs - Air Force Academy, 7110 Commerce Center Dr, Colorado Springs CO  80919, phone (719) 592-9800
Directions: Exit 149 off I-25, west on Woodmen Rd, 1st right onto Commerce Center Dr, hotel is on left.

24. I then drive 70 miles back up to Denver, Colorado and give the same talk there that evening (Sunday, October 17):

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Sunday, October 17, 7 pm
Place: Staybridge Suites Denver International Airport, 6951 Tower Rd, Denver CO 80249, phone (303) 574-0888
Directions: From E-470 Loop take Peña Blvd (Denver Int'l Airport exit) west (away from airport), turn left on Tower Rd, hotel is less than 0.5 mi on right.

25. The next day, Monday, October 18, I drive 6.5 hours (400 miles) to Rapid City, South Dakota to speak there:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time:  Monday, October 18, 7 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express, 750 Cathedral Dr, Rapid City SD 57701, phone (605) 341-9300.
Directions: From I-90 take exit 57 (Mt. Rushmore exit), at light at end of exit ramp turn left onto Omaha St, immediate right onto Mt. Rushmore Rd, go approx. 2 miles, left onto Cathedral, take next left after Exxon service station into hotel parking lot.

26. The next day, Tuesday, October 19, I drive 6 hours (350 miles) to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to speak there:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Tuesday, October 19, 7 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express Sioux Falls at Empire Mall, 2501 S Shirley Ave, Sioux Falls SD 57106, phone (605) 361-0122
Directions: Exit 78 from I-29, east on 26th St (becomes Louise Ave), right on Shirley Ave, hotel is one block down onright.

27. The next day, Wednesday, October 20, I drive 4.5 hours (250 miles) through Omaha to Denton, Nebraska and Lincoln, Nebraska to have private conversations with individuals there.

28. Later that same day (Wednesday, October 20) I backtrack an hour (60 miles) back to Omaha, Nebraska to speak there that evening:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Wednesday, October 20, 7 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express Cherry Hills, 6939 North 102nd Circle, Omaha NE 68122, phone (402) 505-8181
Directions: Exit 6 off I-680, north on Rt 133/Blair High Rd, 1st left at N 103rd St, next left at N 102nd Circle into Cherry Hills Plaza, hotel is straight ahead.

28. The next day, Thursday, October 21, Idrive 6 hours to Wichita, Kansas to speak there that evening:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time:  Thursday, October 21, 7 pm
Place: Staybridge Suites, 2250 N Greenwich Rd, Wichita KS 67226, phone (316) 927-3888
Directions: From Rt 96 (Northeast Expressway) take Greenwich Rd south, turn left at Post-Net (in small strip mall on your left across the street from Target, etc.) into hotel property.

29. That same night I will begin a 14.5 hour (860 miles) drive to Columbus OH to get there in time to spend three days (October 22-24) at the Coming Home Network International's "Deep In History" conference (this year's theme: on the Church and Sacred Scripture interacting with several prominent Novus Ordo apologists -- Scott and Kimberly Hahn, Patrick Madrid, Marcus Grodi, and several others who were colleagues of mine years ago before I became a notorious Vatican II-rejecting Catholic.  I hope to persuade them, in a series of friendly conversations, that by their acceptance of what the post-Vatican II establishment teaches about Scripture they necessarily reject what the Church has classically taught about Scripture, e.g., about its full inerrancy, the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch, the traditional authorship of the NT books, etc.

If we truly care about people -- whether former friends or people we meet for the first time -- we must lovingly warn them about the spiritual consequences of rejecting the Church's perennial and immutable teaching, whether on these fundamental issues of the Bible's authenticity and inerrancy, or on ecumenism, or the impossibility of salvation for our Jewish friends via the Old Covenant (let alone Talmudic Judaism) or on anything else, and that is what I hope to do, by God's grace, aided by your prayers.

30. After their conference ends on Sunday afternoon, October 24, I will speak at the hotel across the street:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time:  Sunday afternoon, October 24, 4 pm
Place: Marriott Courtyard Easton, 3900 Morse Crossing, Columbus OH 43219, phone (614) 416-8000
Directions: From I-270 take exit 33 (Easton TownCenter), go west on Easton Way, turn right at 5th light onto Morse Crossing, hotel is immediately on right.

31. The next day, Monday, October 25, I will drive 110 miles back to Cincinnati OH. 

During the day, before my talk, I hope to meet with a prominent "traditionalist" priest/author and his associated bishop, to discuss my concerns regarding the (to me) troubling lack of mission and jurisdiction in the "Catholic traditionalist movement" in general. Please pray for a fruitful outcome to this discussion.

 That evening I will publicly speak, for the last time on this tour:

Talk: "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda"
Time: Monday, October 25, 7 pm
Place: Holiday Inn Express West Chester, 8567 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd, West Chester OH 45069, phone (513) 755-3900
Directions: Exit 21 off I-75. If you were traveling northbound, turn right at end of exit ramp, hotel is on right; if traveling southbound, turn left at end of ramp, hotel is on right.

Following my public talk, if I am still alive by this point, I will begin the weary, 570-mile, 10 hour drive back home to Scranton, Pennsylvania!

Please allow me to reiterate what I said at the beginning of this letter: if you wish to attend the talk at one of these locations, you MUST let me know in advance by pre-registering, either by phone (570-969-1724) or by email ( Please do so as early as possible, to ensure that we will have room for you. 

Right now I myself am out of space and out of energy, but check back on my website during October for a fuller explanation of why I am undergoing such an exhausting ordeal of a trip -- why I think our country has a very limited time to repent and embrace the true Faith or quite literally perish.

Can you help me with the expenses of this 30-day, 30-city lecture tour? I'm not looking to make a penny on this tour: my study and preparations, my time and energy, my month-long separation from the rest of my family (as always, I'll have one of my children along, at least for part of the trip) -- all these I gladly give as a sacrifice to Almighty God out of love for Him, for our Holy Mother Church and for our Catholic Faith.

But my expenses need to be covered. Even though I pinch every penny, use hotel discounts for my sleeping rooms (usually around $79 a night), and buy one inexpensive "healthy fast food" meal a day (e.g., at Subway), once you add anywhere from $50 to $100 for renting the meeting space, an average of $50 a day in gas (I'm driving an average of over 300 miles aday, every single day), and another $50 in advertising per city (mailing out fliers), my expense to speak in each city  is about $300 per city. Multiply that by the 31 cities I'm speaking in, and you can see that this trip is going to cost me over $9000 to complete. (Since I will have driven over 9500 miles by the time I return home, that translates to about $1 a mile -- which, to my mind, is a great bargain for bringing the life-saving, life-changing, authentic Catholic Faith to people across our entire land, face to face, eyeball to eyeball.)

If you have EVER donated to Biblical Foundations International before, I am appealing to you to PLEASE donate ONE LAST TIME, as generously as you can, for this, my FINAL road trip.

If you have NEVER donated to Biblical Foundations International before, I am beseeching you to PLEASE finally do so NOW, to help me in this final effort to reach our country with the authentic, undiluted Catholic Faith while there is still time. And I truly, deeply believe that THERE IS VERY LITTLE TIME LEFT.

I know you care about our country. I know you care about yourself and your loved ones. I know you care about the salvation of the souls around you. Can you help? Only 90 people sending in $100 each would completely cover my expenses and enable this trip to proceed: I don't want to run out of money part way through the trip and have to ruefully turn back to home with several cities permanently unvisited.

If you can be one of these 90, I'll send you an advance copy of the CD recording of the talk I'm giving on this trip -- "Deadline 2012: Decoding the New World Order's Hidden Agenda" -- long before it will be available to the general public on my online store.

If you can send $200, I'll send you not only the CD of this talk but also a copy of two crucial books on the New World Order that are not currently available on my website, both by the Vicomte Leon de Poncins: The Secret Powers Behind Revolution and Freemasonry and the Vatican: The Struggle for Recognition.

If you can send $300, I'll send you the CD, the two books by Poncin, plus two additional books: Fr. Dennis Fahey's book The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism -- probably the best overview of the Church's economic and political teaching contra the thinking behind the New World Order -- and the anthology of Patrick Henry Omlor's writings entitled The Robber Church, one of the most thorough and devastating critiques of the New Mass ever written. This latter book is not offered on my online store, though I am selling it at every city on this tour; when my existing stock of it is exhausted, I won't be able to get any more, as it is out of print. The book contains several hundred pages of priceless research and documentation, and is literally life-changing.

If you wish to donate, please do NOT use the "PayPal" button on my website, as I currently have an issue with PayPal that I need to resolve. Instead, please donate either by credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover), or by check or money order, per the following instructions:

1. If donating by credit card, please call me at (570) 969-1724 and leave on my voicemail your name, address (both snail mail and email address, if you have one), phone number, credit card number -- including the 3-digit security code on the back -- and expiration date, and the amount you wish to donate. If you're donating $300 make sure you specify which of the two books on the New Mass you want: just say "Omlor" or "Cekada." Although I'll be on the road from September 27 through October 26, I'll be accessing my voicemail each day, twice a day, to check my messages, and can ship out books while on the road.

You could also supply this information via email, but I advise people against supplying their complete credit card information in a single email, for security reasons. If you email me your donation information, I would suggest including only the first half of your credit card number (i.e., the first 8 digits) in one email, and then provide the second half of the credit card number, together with the 3-digit security code and expiration date, in a second email. Don't forget to supply the other needed information -- full name, address, phone number, amount of donation -- in one of the two email messages!

2. If you prefer not to use a credit card, please send a check or moneyorder, made out to "Biblical Foundations International," to: Gerry Matatics, PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512. My wife will empty the PO Box daily in my absence, and will keep track of all donations that come in.

I will personally call each donor once I return home, to personally thank you and give you a first-hand account of how the entire trip went.

Sunday, September 26, the day before my departure, was the feast of the North American Martyrs, whose arduous journeys to spread the Catholic Faith make my measly efforts pale into insignificance by comparison. St. Isaac Jogues, St. John de Brebeuf and companions, pray for us!

Thank you so much for reading this, and may God richly reward you for your prayerful and financial support. 

Yours for the conversion of our tottering nation to the One True Faith, before it's too late,

Gerry Matatics, Founder & President
Biblical Foundations International
PO Box 569, Dunmore PA 18512

phone (570) 969-1724
fax (570) 969-1725

Updated On: November 9th, 2010

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