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Dear Friends:


I was really looking forward to broadcasting tonight (Monday, April 30): I was going to read you some fascinating passages out of three books that I’m pretty sure none of you have probably read from — or perhaps even heard of — even if you’ve been a “traditionalist” Catholic for many years.


But as I mentioned in my Saturday broadcast two nights ago, the income necessary to pay Biblical Foundations International’s monthly bills (some of them due tomorrow) has fallen severely short, due to some of my supporters being behind in their donations. (In fact a few monthly donors haven’t sent anything since 2017.) This, coupled with the fact that sales from my online store,, have been slow, has required my wife and I to resume our frequenting area book sales, where we acquire used books (mostly classic children’s books) we can then immediately resell online.


We went to three such sales this past weekend, and spent most of the remaining weekend listing and selling many of the books we acquired. We just now returned home from a post office that stays open late at night (it’s located in a mall), where we lugged three big mail tubs containing 14 packages we mailed out today (many of them large boxes containing as many as two dozen books each), and we have much more work to do tonight.


Tomorrow night (Tuesday) I unfortunately have appointments that prevent my doing the next broadcast then, and Wednesday as well, though I will do my best to try to re-schedule the Wednesday ones to later in the week; if successful at this, I’ll post to tell you.


But barring that, my next night free to broadcast the next installment of “Is Sedevacantism Compatible with Church Teaching?” will be this Thursday, May 3 (9 pm as always), and I plan to continue the discussion of this topic in a Friday broadcast as well. 


Saturday at 9 pm will be our regular weekly broadcast on Don Guéranger’s “The Liturgical Year.”


I’d love to resume broadcasting my three series on the Book of Genesis, the Gospel of St. Mark, and the Book of Psalms next week. But without additional support it’s going to be extremely difficult to find the time to prepare the next several broadcasts in each of those series, as I will need to continue to travel to used book sales just to pay BFI’s bills. How I wish this weren’t necessary, and I could teach you six nights a week, doing a different weekly series each of those six nights.


If you’d like to help make that possible, please consider encouraging a family member or friend or two to visit my website,, and click the “Make A Donation” button to use PayPal to help support this apostolate, and/or encourage them to purchase CDs/books from my online store,


I have a large list of used Catholic books I’ll be adding to my online store, and featuring on my Facebook page as well, later this week. The list will contain dozens of books, some of which hopefully you might be interested in, and this may help alleviate our current financial crisis as well.


The more sales I make and donations I receive, the fewer used book sales I’ll need to go to in order to purchase books for resale, to be able to pay Biblical Foundations International’s bills. Thank you, and may Almighty God richly bless you.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Gerry Matatics

Updated On: April 30th, 2018

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March 24th, 2019

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