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Dear Friends:


I’m still struggling to complete all my tax returns — federal, state, city, and merchant — so that I can race downtown to mail them by tonight’s 7 pm deadline. I appreciate your prayers. (And we’re in the midst of another hours-long snowstorm as I type this, to boot — in mid-April, no less!)


I gladly undertake this all-consuming, hair-pulling, tax-preparing project as the full (financial) measure of my devotion to my beloved Uncle Sam, and every subsidiary level of our wise, benign, and thrifty government, justly renowned for its judicious spending.


Far be it from me to complain that this requires weeks of my already-in-short-supply time (time that could be put to much more spiritually productive use) — time I’ve had to happily spend locating, sorting, tabulating, and number-crunching thousands of receipts and other figures, as a self-employed pauper, all for the whopping adjusted gross income of $20,480 (this year; previous years were only slightly higher, in the low $20,000s)!


If the Holy Family had to be greatly inconvenienced (to say the least) for the purposes of taxation (Luke 2:1-5), I can do no less.


This joyous task has of course left me with no time for anything else, including, I must confess, keeping up in my Guéranger reading, or completing my prep for the new weekly series on “The Problems of Protestantism,” which will debut next week.


(Regarding the latter, catching up on our discussions on Dom Guéranger’s “The Liturgical Year” obviously must take priority over starting the new series. “Old business” first, then “new business,” as Robert’s Rules of Order would advise.)


This week’s Facebook Live broadcast schedule, which resumes tomorrow, is therefore as follows (all times at 9 pm Eastern):


Wed, Apr 18: Discuss Easter Week readings (Guéranger, vol. VII)

Thu, Apr 19: Conclude discussion of Easter week; commence discussion of Second Week of Easter (Guéranger, vol. VIII)

Fri, Apr 20: Conclude discussion of Second Week of Easter

Sat, Apr 21: Discuss current week’s readings, i.e., Third week of Easter (also Guéranger, vol VIII)


If we can stick to this schedule we’ll be fully up to date and in a good position to start the new series critiquing the errors of Protestantism next week, God willing. We’ll also be rebooting the series on the Gospel of St. Mark in the next week or so. God bless!

Yours in Christ our Risen King and Mary our Joyful Mother,

Gerry Matatics

Updated On: April 17th, 2018

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January 16th, 2019

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