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Christmas Wishes, Year-End Report, New CDs, and Exciting Announcements

Christmas Wishes, Year-End Report, New CDs, and Exciting Announcements

At this holy season of Our Lord's birth I want to express my deepest appreciation for the continued interest and support so many of you have shown me this year. As a family we pray the Rosary for all our supporters and their loved ones, living and deceased, every day.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, 2008 was, for my full-time apologetics and evangelization apostolate’s 18th straight year in a row, our busiest year ever. As you know, in 2006 I launched my last-ever speaking tour, a “mega tour” to bring my case for “consistent Catholicism” to every one of the hundreds of cities and towns I’ve spoken in over the last 18 years, to now be my final speaking engagement in each of these places. I made it to 44 of those cities in 2006, and 42 in 2007.

This year, 2008, I made it to 53 cities ― including the 10 largest cities in Australia and New Zealand, during a whirlwind two-week tour of those two countries in July, timed to combat the World Youth Day “festivities” going on over there which were infecting millions of young people with Vatican II’s “counterfeit Catholicism.”

This year we also released three new multi-CD sets: 

1) “The Plot Against the Church, Part One: From Lucifer’s Revolt to Chrysostom’s Conflict with the Judaizers” (8 CDs)

2) “The Plot Against the Church, Part Two: From St. Augustine’s Age to the 16th Century Beginnings of the Protestant ‘Reformation’ with Luther’s Revolt,” also 8 CDs. (Part Three, bringing the conflict up to the present day, will be completed in summer 2009)

3) Most importantly, a new and greatly improved, revised and expanded second edition of our flagship CD set, “Counterfeit Catholicism: Why Vatican II, the New Mass, and Benedict XVI Are Not What They Claim to Be” – now 6 CDs instead of 5, and now with not only more content but vastly improved sound quality, recorded digitally by an audio technician at a live, all-day seminar on this subject I delivered in Orange County, California on June 28 of this year, as part of a week-long blitz of southern California in which I gave nearly 30 talks in 6 cities in 6 days.

We are also currently editing brand-new versions, delivered this year, of many of the talks I’ve given over the years, and of which we’d been selling older versions given many years ago. Several other exciting new media projects are also in various stages of completion (see below).

2009 will be even busier, if that is imaginable. I have speaking tours already planned (constituting my final appearances ever in these states) for the spring in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, west Texas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, east Iowa, Illinois, the Albany NY area, and return engagements (a departure from my general policy) to both Cincinnati and Pittsburgh; Alaska, Washington, Oregon, southern Idaho, Nevada, and the Jersey shore in the summer; and North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Vermont, central New Hampshire, western Massachusetts, and Hawaii in the fall and early winter.

If all these trips take place as planned, this will complete my sweep of all 50 states and conclude my entire megatour, three years ahead of schedule. (My megatour was originally planned to end in 2012).

Perhaps even more importantly than my speaking tours, next year we will be completely revamping and augmenting our website, giving it a whole new look and a multimedia capability which will enable people to:

- attend my talks via the Internet, or download them later as audio or video files
- watch or listen to a weekly, news-oriented video and radio broadcast online
- purchase hundreds of CDs, tapes, and books from our new on-line store
- browse many (and eventually all) of the 20,000+ volumes of my personal library online, thus being able to access and read many significant but rare and out-of-print books
- attend weekly classes of their choice in one or more of the following areas: Scripture, theology, apologetics, philosophy, history (church, world, and American history), political science and economics, and literature – all taught by me from a rigorously Catholic perspective.

I hope to write more frequently on the website as well. I’m sorry that my overloaded schedule has so far prevented me from doing so, but I hope, with a major overhaul of my work schedule, to post a new essay on the website at least weekly initially, and eventually daily.

God willing, in 2009 we will also produce 6 new multi-CD sets, including:

1) The Plot Against the Church, Part Three: From the Protestant “Reformation” to the Vatican II Revolution and Beyond
2) a set on the Rosary
3) an overview of the entire Bible
4) a chapter-by-chapter study of the Old Testament book of Daniel
5)  a chapter-by-chapter study of the Apocalypse of St. John
6) a surprise series I will tell you about later

And we will publish 6 books:

1) Counterfeit Catholicism: Exposing the Eclipse of the Church, Decrypting the Great Apostasy, a book version of my megatour seminar, with hundreds of photographs and hard-to-find documents
2) 365 Bible Verses Every Catholic Should Know (And When to Use Them)
3) School of Sanctity: Exhortations to Holiness by Fr. Alban Butler, in Updated English
4) a book on the dogma “No Salvation Outside the Church”
5) The Doomsday Pope, an end-times novel
6) A book on a surprise topic I will tell you about early in 2009

All these exciting projects – the speaking tours, the website makeover, the new CDs and books – will cost thousands of dollars. Right now, frankly, we are flat broke and in the red. We’re currently selling many of our family possessions to be able to continue this ministry, but we’ll need your help as well.

Now – especially amidst the economic and political uncertainties of the new presidential regime that will begin on January 20 – is NOT the time to cut back on funding our Catholic duty to evangelize our culture. On the contrary, God is calling us to be more outgoing and giving than ever!

I’m convinced sacrificial generosity is the key, not just to our success, but to our security during the current and coming crisis. Our Lord is clear in Matthew 6:19-34: if we put God’s kingdom FIRST and give unstintingly to its work, we’ll be provided for. If, on the other hand, out of anxiety about the future, we cut back, hedge our bets, and only look out for ourselves, we will perish.

I’m entreating each of our faithful supporters – even our handful of regular monthly donors – to please send a special, end-of-year, sacrificial donation of $100 (or more, if you can) to enable us to hit the ground running on January 1, so that we might not only meet but exceed all the expectations outlined above. Obviously we’ll be deeply grateful for a donation of any size, but a donation of at least $100 will enable us to at least start the year with our first month’s needed basic operating costs. I’ve attached a response form you may use for this purpose: please click here. Thank you for your prayerful consideration!

As an added incentive, if you can donate $100, I’ll send you a copy of any of our single CD titles:

Clarity Begins At Home: Biblical Foundations of Homeschooling
Every King Has a Queen Mother: Biblical Foundations of Marian Doctrines
The Fate of the Family: Satan’s Seven-Step Strategy for Destroying Civilization
Friends in High Places: Biblical Teaching on the Intercession of the Saints
God’s Summer School of Sanctification: Biblical Foundations of Purgatory & Praying for the Dead­
How the Bible Converted Me to Catholicism:
One Protestant Minister's Amazing Odyssey of Faith
How to Keep Your Kids Catholic
The Myth of Evolution vs. the Truth of Sacred Scripture
Peter, Prime Minister of Christ’s Kingdom: Biblical Foundations of the Papacy
“Sola Scriptura” Is Unscriptural: Biblical Foundations of Sacred Tradition
The Strange Case of the Headless Homeschool: The Father’s Role in the Training of Children
“Unless You Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood”: Biblical Foundations of the Eucharist
What Christ Wants for Christmas — And All Year Long

If you can send $200, I’ll send you all the above single CDs, or any one of our new multi-CD sets, “The Plot Against the Church, Part 1” (8 CDs),“The Plot Against the Church, Part 2” (8 CDs), or the new second edition, revised and expanded, of “Counterfeit Catholicism” I described above (6 CDs).

For $300 you can pick any two of these sets, and for $500 you can receive everything!

May God richly reward you for your generosity, and may He grant you a blessed and glorious Christmastide, and a New Year filled with health, happiness, prosperity, peace, and many graces.

Yours in Christ the King and Mary our Queen Mother
for the conversion of our rapidly-declining nation to the one true Faith,
outside of which there is absolutely no salvation,

Gerry Matatics, Founder & President 

Updated On: December 25th, 2008

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